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Jul 29, 2013

Awful Breakdown of Workers – Prime Minister Abe Boasts of “an Increase of 600,000 Employees” - Reason Easily Deceived – [New Liberalism Targets at Full-Time Workers]

Many people ask for trouble by being easily deceived by politician’s obvious lies and manipulated by the media, and then later say “I am deceived.”  Why don’t you stop such thing?

However, many people may not have the slightest idea of being deceived by Koizumi and Takenaka even now.

Even so, why are people deceived so easily?  As a matter of fact, it is very simple not to be deceived by others.  Try to avoid such actions or words that can lead to deceiving others.  You will never be deceived again.

You have to notice how often you are lying to your children or spouse and people around you in your daily life.
If you tell a number of lies, you will surely be deceived some day in the future.  If you are sincere and honest with yourself and others, you will never be deceived by anybody.  It is safe to say that this is law of the universe.
Similar thing is written in Yoga Sutra.

Masatosih Takeshita
July 19, 2013

English translation of an excerpt from a Japanese article: Blog to Seek for Truth – July 18, 2013 –

[New Liberalism Targets at Full-Time Workers] Awful Breakdown of Workers – Prime Minister Abe Boasts of “an Increase of 600,000 Employees ”

Prime Minister Abe has marketed himself in a speech: “I have created employment for 600,000 people.”  Examining the breakdown closely, it is true that the number of part-timers and contract workers has rapidly increased, but more or less the same number of full-time workers has decreased.

*Shinichi Yamaguchi @mayanotop
Quotet: [Is it OK to have us work overtime today?]
Breakdown of number of workers: Prime Minister Abe boasts of an increase of 600,000 employees.
Part-time workers                    Increase by 1,000,000
Contract workers                     Increase by 600,000
Temporary workers                  Increase by 200,000
Full-time workers                    Decrease by 1,200,000

*The bigger company, the more non-regular employment at an accelerated pace by Abenomics
Quote: The bigger company, the more non-regular employment.

Since the enactment of the Worker Dispatch Law in 1985, the law has been repeatedly changed for the worse and it has been applied even to workers in the manufacturing industries.  Move to replace full-time workers with non-regular workers has been advanced during this period.  Unstable employment has increased due to a trend for replacement of full-timers with non-regular workers.  Big companies have accelerated this trend, which has resulted in a decline in wages.

On 4th, the first day of the Upper House election campaign, Prime Minister Abe gave the first comment and puffed his chest up, saying “There has been an increase in employment of 600,000 people in May from the same month the year before.”  However, the reality is that full-time workers have decreased by 470,000 and non-regular workers have increased by 1,160,000.

Mr. Tetsuro Sugiura, Vice Director of Mizuho Institution & Research Institute, points out: “Employment created by economic policies of the Abe administration will be mainly due to poorly-paid employment.”

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