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Jul 9, 2013

Arizona Wildfire 19 Elite Firefighters Killed

It appears that the administrator of this blog has very special excellent sensitivity.   I quite agree about the part written in red letters.
The photo of this Catholic hallow ground emits very bad vibration. If you say that this is a sacred place, I prefer garbage collection sites in New York.

Masatoshi Takeshita
July 2, 2013

English translation of a Japanese article: Voyage to Space – July 2, 2013 –

Arizona Wildfire 19 Elite Firefighters Killed

At a glance, this area give an impression that it is not forest but rather a place with shrubs and grass. Why were trained elite firefighters killed in such place? Isn’t it strange? Of course, this is located near Sedona, a place of scenic beauty, with secret underground base. It would be safe to say, of course, that the word of elites is equivalent to reptilians.

As you see in the following photo clipping, many UFOs visit the area to attack their base.   There was something that these 19 elite firefighters had to risk their life to protect. Yes, it was their underground base.

There is a suspicious facility around here. For what purpose is this facility? It occupies a larger space than the nearest town Yarnell where wildfire broke out.

There are dubious trails of four-wheel-drive vehicles spreading to a neighboring reservoir. They must be trails of 4WD vehicles for patrol of the secret underground base for reptilians or the place where there are air ducts.

And there is a Satanist Catholic holy ground called Shrine of St. Joseph of the Mountains. Not to mention Satanist rituals of child sacrifice are performed.  Reptilians disguising as Christians actually perform Satanist rituals of child sacrifice; reptilians eat children’s flesh and drink their blood.   The Galactic Foundation of Light targeted this holy ground for Satan.  Andthere is, of course, a secret underground base for reptilians.

The Bible says that you should not worship idols. This Satanic Catholic is a religion in which reptilians worship the idols they made. A Catholic with higher position has to attend Satanist ritual of child sacrifice. In other words, Catholicism is a Satanist religion created by reptilians in Christian clothing.

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