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Jun 5, 2013

Virus Associated with Fatality Rate of 50% Spreads to France, England and Germany

I think that this virus is naturally-generated mutated virus, not biological weapon.  If this virus spreads, the elite will be put into a panic because of lack of vaccine against this virus.
I wonder what will happen.  I’ll wait and see.

Masatoshi Takeshita
May 29, 2013

Photo from this website

English translation of a Japanese article: NEVADA blog – May 29, 2013 –

Virus with Mortality Rate of 50% Spreads to France, England and Germany

“A new type of Coronavirus” associated with a fatality rate of 50% is spreading to Saudi Arabia, Qatar, UAE, England, Germany and France.  This virus is an exceedingly-poisonous virus which is transmitted from person to person.  More than 50% of infected people have died.  If people aboard planes are infected with this virus in the future, we will see the world trapped in a critical situation.

Now, there are a small number of the infected and the killed: 44 for the former and 24 for the latter.  It is pointed out that if the number of infected people dramatically increases, there is a possibility that a panic will occur.  We would like to advise you to keep away from Middle East and Europe, where infected people are increasing.

If the number of infected people exceeds100 within days, the WHO should issue a warning against a pandemic outbreak.

Once infection with this virus dramatically spreads, it turns out that in case of a plane which holds 200 passenger, one infected person infects 200 people; if each of 200 infected passengers takes a plane holding 200 passengers separately, 200 (airplanes) x 200 (people)=40,000 passengers are infected.
With more and more spread of the infection with the virus, hundred thousands or millions of people will be infected across the world in no time.

Japanese hospitals do not have a complete epidemic control system.  This is the case with the world.  We hope that this infection will not spread any more.  However, if this infection spreads, it could make the world put into a panic.

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