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Jun 8, 2013

Strange Nation of Suicide Bombing

This article is easy to understand.
According to the information by Mr. Eiken Itagaki, Japan handlers have declined in strength.  They may feel pressed.

Masatoshi Takeshita
June 2, 2013

Strange Nation of Suicide Bombings

English translation of a Japanese article: Ichiro Iiyama’s Little HP – June 1, 2013

The Sankei Shimbun seems to be in a hurry to write the following article.

“Former North Korean Military Officials Testify about Planned Terrorist Attacks against Nuclear Power Plants in Japan”

On May 28, it was disclosed by testimony from a number of former military officials, defectors from North Korea, that the Korean People’s Army developed a plan to send approximately 600 special agents to nuclear power plant facilities across Japan in order to conduct suicide bombings on the facilities simultaneously with U.S. military facilities.  (The Sankei Shimbun – May 25, 2013 )

This is a story that North Korea had a plan to carry terrorist attacks against nuclear power plants in Japan.  This is a campaign against North Korea: “North Korea is a dangerous country! Let’s hate the country all together!”
As it is likely that a pair of Shinzo Abe and Isao Iijima will be won over, those in power who feel rushed must have had the Sankei Shimbun write this.  It is a “military propaganda” U.S. warmongers are good at.

Japan should have something important to do instead of worrying about terrorist attacks by North Korea.     Japan had four nuclear power plants near the Tokyo Metropolitan areas explode and has left them stand.  This is exactly the terrorist bombings and North Korea is laughing at it, saying “You are hopeless!”

Suicide bombing attacks aim at killing the enemy.  “Suicide bombing attacks against nuclear power plants to kill our countrymen” are an unprecedented event.

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