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Jun 21, 2013

Pope Francis admits Existence of “Gay Lobby”

These two articles are seemingly-unrelated stories.  The scandal of Pope Benedict XVI is not merely about homosexuality but about “pedophilia.”  Benedict XVI was the same sexual predilection as his master, Master Jesus (Master of 6th Ray in Theosophy), which has been an absolute secret.  However, considering the existence of boys’ chorus groups in the Catholic Church, it would make sense to some extent.  It is true that Benedict XVI had backed up President Obama (according to the information from Fulford).  This is related to channeling information strongly influenced by Christianity, which has been spread as false information that President Obama is “the existence filled with light.”

Let’s get back to another article about resignation of Deputy CIA Director Michael Morell.  As is the case with Benedict XVI, his resignation is due to the scandal of his pedophilia, which is not written in the article.  He was a member of the gay lobby inside the Vatican.

With repeated exposure of misdeeds, they have been driven into a corner.  They will be treated as if they have committed suicide.

Masatoshi Takeshita
June 14, 2013

English translation of an article of The Voice of Russia- June 14, 2013 –
Pope Francis Admits Existence of “Gay Lobby”

Photo: EPA

On 12th Pope Francis has admitted a gay lobby inside the Vatican.

According to the people involved in the Vatican, Pope made such a remark in an unofficial meeting, and the remark was not an official one.  In a word, it is not known for sure whether Pope completely admitted the existence.

A rumor appeared in December, 2012 that there are some homosexuals among clergymen in the Catholic Church.  Each media has covered a 300-page report toward Benedict XVI.

This report is about corruption in churches, including blackmailing clergymen about disclosure of their homosexuality.  Many experts point out that this scandal led Benedict XVI to resignation.

English translation of an article of The Voice of Russia- June 13, 2013 –
Deputy CIA Director Resigns

Photo: EPA

Deputy CIA (Central Intelligence Agency) Director Michael Morell has resigned.  APF reported it on 12th.  Although reason for his resignation has not been disclosed, this is believed to be related to a leakage to the press of CIA tracing program of communication records.

On the other hand, as for the scandal of information leakage, James Clapper, Director of National Security Agency, pointed out that thanks to efforts of intelligence operatives in the U.S., several tens of attacks were able to be evaded, while he told that publication of classified information has damaged the reputation of the secret military agency.

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