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Jun 7, 2013

New Type of Coronavirus - MERS-CoV (Mr. Takeshita)

This is the information from Mr.Takeshita.

This is the information related to an article titled “New Type of Coronavirus – MERS-CoV” posted on Shanti Phula’s blog yesterday on May 31.  Pictures shown below are “new type of Coronavirus – MERS-CoV, SARS virus and HIV (AIDS ) virus in this order.

Electron micrograph of Coronaviruses
Osaka Prefectural Public Health Institute

Electro micrograph of SERS viruses

[Image provided by Medical School of Osaka University 
(Takatsuki City, Osaka Prefecture)]

These are HIV viruses.  
Each black round is virus.


Looking at these pictures carefully, you will sense that the Coronavirus has higher vibrations, while the SARS virus and HIV virus, which are artificially produced, have lower vibrations.  Broadly speaking, the MERS-CoV has the vibration of Anahata (4) and the SARS virus and HIV virus have the vibration of Muladhara (1).  The difference in vibrations shows that this novice Coronavirus is fundamentally different in quality from viruses discovered so far.

Mrs. Seiko Nakanishi, who read the article titled “New type of Coronavirus – MERS-CoV” posted yesterday, tried to talk to a new type of Coronavirus to communicate with it.  Conversational interaction between the virus and her is very interesting.  I’d like to introduce its summary to you.


May 31, 2013
Dear Mr. Takeshita

When I read an article titled “New Type of Coronavirus,” I was very surprised at what was written.  While seeing an image of Coronavirus, I tried to talk to it.

The virus said, “I’m Corona.”  I asked “Are you virus Corona-chan?”  “Yes, I am,” answered the virus.
The following is the words I heard from Corona-chan.

Corona-chan: “Our mission is to protect this earth.  Immediately after finishing our mission, we’ll go away.  So, don’t’ worry.  We are mutated viruses.  We will undergo mutation in response of the request of the universe and the earth.”

Nakanishi: “You mean that you have subtle senses and consciousness to protect the earth, don’t you?”

Corona-chan: “Yes, we do.  We love the universe and the earth.”

Nakanishi: “What a wonderful life form you are!”

Corona-chan:  “Yes, we are.  Yes, we are.”

Nakanishi:  “Please convey our gratitude to your company.”

Corona-chan:  “Yes, I will.  I’m very happy.  I’ll do.  I’m very happy.”

(May 31, 2013 at 11:00 p.m.)

I was very moved to learn that the virus had a high level of intelligence.  I sometimes have a conversation with inanimate objects, too.  As the virus is animate life, it may be natural that it answered to me.  However, through my conversation with the virus, I have known for the first time that the virus is an intelligent and wonderful life with a feeling of love.
After examining the vibration of the virus, the vibration seemed to be the same with the vibration you mentioned.  So, I thought that I should tell to you and I’ll send the above conversation with the virus to you.

Seiko Nakanishi 


As shown in the above correspondence with the virus, MERS-CoV, Corona-chan is an advanced animate life with the same heart, consciousness and sense of mission as humans.  If we misunderstand them, excessively fear them or take aggressive reaction against them, it will grieve and hurt them very much.  They have an ability to feel how they are considered to be by humans.  Although they just work with a sense of mission for the universe and the earth, humans who are completely ignorant of the realities merely take negative reaction against them.  Please sense the difference in vibrations among the above pictures and don’t be afraid of this virus for the reason that it is virus.

As there are good humans and bad humans, there are various types of viruses.

Masatoshi Takeshita

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