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Jun 15, 2013

Exchange of Communications between Harukanarumiiya-no-mikoto-sama/Iitoyohimemiko-sama and Mrs. Seiko Nakanishi

This is the information from Mr.Takeshita Masatoshi.

I explained that “Double Solar Halo” seen in Yonago Cityi, Tottori Prefecture was a sign of marriage in the celestial world between Harukanarumiya-no-mikoto-sama and Iitoyohimemiko-sama, deities of the 12 th System. Later I found that this manifestation had an important meaning I had overlooked. I asked Mrs. Seiko Nakanishi to take the trouble to communicate with the two deities in order to determine if it was correct. The following is the exchange of communications between the two deities and Mrs. Nakanishi.

Mrs. Seiko Nakanishi

I’d like to ask you to get in contact with Harukanarumiya-no-mikoto-sama and Iitoyohimemiko-sama to convey the following message.

“Harukanarumiya-no-mikoto-sama and Iitoyohimemiko-sama,
My heartiest congratulations for your marriage!
Both of you seem to go together very well.
I believe that your marriage will give joy and encouragement not only to humans living on Earth but to many others.
As I focused my attention on events on Earth, I almost didn’t notice a celestial sign.   It was careless of me to miss it.
I seems that both of you will descend to Earth as Supreme Deity of Kunitsu-kami (Earth Deities) in our universe (covering all 12 Systems) soon. Is it correct?
It would be appreciated if each of you could give a message to people on Earth, if any.

Masatoshi Takeshita
June 9, 2013

Mr. Masatoshi Takeshita

Immediately I got in contact with Harukanarumiya-no-mikoto-sama and Iitoyohimemiko-sama to convey your message to them. I received messages from both of them. I’ll convey them to you.
(June 9, 2013 1:45 p.m. – 2:20 p.m.)

Message from Harukanarumiya-no-mikoto-sama:

“People of Earth! This is my first communication with you. It is a great honor for me.

I wish to express my gratitude to Mr. Takeshita and many deities for sending us congratulatory messages.
It is our great joy to communicate with the people of Earth through you.
We have read articles posted on Shanti Phula’s blog. They are very helpful for us to know in details how Earth is.
We will descend on Earth. We wish to work hard together for Earth and Universe.
Please keep on praying wholeheartedly for the peace of Universe and Earth.
It is our great joy to work together with you.”

Message from Iitoyohimemiko-sama:

“People of Earth!
Thank you very much for your congratulatory messages and warm words of encouragement for our marriage.
I sincerely appreciate for Mr. Takeshita’s congratulatory message.
I do appreciate for Mrs. Nakanishi, who did a job to communicate with us.
I have resolved to work hard for the peach of Earth with Mikoto-sama.
I’d like you to cooperate with us from Earth.
We would like to send our love to you, all readers of Shanthi Phula’ blog.”

<Message from Iitoyohimemiko-sama to Mr. Takeshita>

“I remember happy memories of the school.
I would like to make good use of what I learned from you.
We hope you will continue to guide us, though we are inexperienced.”

*I asked them when they will descend on Earth. They said that it would be around the middle of June.
*I feel grateful for their appreciation for my duty.

Seiko Nakanishi

The above is the exchange of communications between the two deities and Mrs. Nakanishi.
As I have focused my attention on various events on Earth, I don’t have the time to think of the order of the celestial world. So I do not completely grasp how the governance system is in the celestial world.   This event let me know that Supreme Deities of Amatsu-kami (Heaven Deities) governing our Universe (covering all 12 Systems) are Oomikadonoou-sama and his wife Kagayaki-ureshiki-ooki-hime-sama, both of whom appeared in the vision of Serena-san on June 27, 2009, and Supreme Deities of Kunitsu-kami (Earth Deities) who will descend to Earth are Harukanarumiya-no-mikoto-sama and Iitoyohimemiko-sama.
I’ll give some explanation about the governance system in the celestial world so that you can easily understand it. Amaterasu-oomikami, who had directed the celestial world as Lord for 30 million years until 2007, was merely Lord of the Sirius System (First System), not Supreme Deity. The Supreme Deity of the Sirius System has been Iyotsuhikono-mikoto-sama. These facts have been unknown to people of Earth.   Now I am talking about deities in the world of another dimension, which has never been experienced by the people who have heard this information for the first time.
When I have time before too long, I’d like to explain how governance in all Systems is formed, in video lectures on science of religion.

I am afraid there might be some people who are dubious about the credibility of these messages. I’ll tell you an easy way of checking on information.
Print out the messages of the two deities, cut out each message and hold it in your hand to examine your chakra sense. You can easily understand it with the use of body surface chakra and out-of-the-body chakra.
Touching either of the two messages, you will sense your all chakras are opened.   This proves that these are authentic messages from the world of far higher dimension. As for information from Darkness obtained by means of channeling, all chakras are closed. If it is completely beyond your understanding, you had better not get involved in matters related to spiritual world.

Masatoshi Takeshita
June 9, 2013

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