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Jun 18, 2013

Confusion of Saturnians and Subsequent Event, and Execution of Reptillians

Reading a question of Michiyo-san posted on June 10 and my response to it, Mrs. Sieko Nakanishi tried to call to Tooki-hikarinomiya-himemiko-sama, planet Saturn.  Although I cannot introduce the exchange of communications between himemiko-sama and Mrs. Nakanishi as I haven’t got permission for posting it on the blog, things seem to have occurred exactly as I answered.  This event made me easily expect that upset of Saturnians would subsequently spread to the aliens of other planets.  So I had made pre-emptive moves, but the vibrations of other planets started going down at midnight on the same day (late at night on 11th ).  However, the vibrations did not fall below the level of Anahata chakra.

Approximately half of the aliens of each planet had believed that the Lord of our Sirius System was still Amaterasu-oomikami until this event occurred.  Their upset was understandable because aliens of the solar system had not known anything about the celestial reform which started in 2007.  At present all of them have calmed down as they have known what happened.

On June 10, I posted a comment on Shanti Phula’s blog that All Alpha Dragonians would be executed at 9 p.m. on 11th.  Things happened just as I said.

At present all reptillians were completely destroyed in all universes.  There are about 160 reptillians who have been reincarnated as humans.  Approximately 50 of them remain in power but will be executed sequentially.  Their death will look very enigmatic to the eye of people of Earth.
Things will go on as Mr. John Kettler said in an article posted on May 12.  As military bases and HAARP facilities are being destroyed one after another, those in power must be frightened.  However, it is useless for them to beg for their life.  Their execution has been decided.

Masatoshi Takeshita
June 13, 2013

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