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May 25, 2013

[Words of Wisdom of Native Americans] Let’s ponder again the teachings of natives.

These are words of real wise people.
Japanese are supposed to have a mind of the same nature.
I think that washing away dust from our heart, our inherent heart will start shining freshly.  Do you ask me how we can wash it away?
The article posted on Raba Q on May 14 may be helpful to you.
I’m just joking.  Light is attracted to what you direct your consciousness toward.  Please cherish heart, not money.

Masatoshi Takeshita
May 19, 2013

English translation of an excerpt from a Japanese article: Martin Island ~ Sky and Forest and Water ~ - May 18, 2013 –

“Seeking for happiness of all people, gaze your eyes and listen carefully.
Don’t stop looking at this moment alone.  Instead, always try to bring into view the generations to come.”

The times seem to rush towards the opposite direction.
Let’s ponder again the teachings of natives.

Teachings of Native Americans

l  “When you get up in the morning, thank the light of the sun, your life and your power.  If you don’t understand why you have to thank them, it indicates that sin is coiling up in yourself.”
[Tecumseh, the Shawnee leader]

l  “God created everything in a simple manner.  Native American’s life is very simple.  We live freely.  The only one law we must obey is the law of nature, law of God.  We obey only that law .”
[Mathew King, the Lakota leader]

l  “Silence is a perfect balance among body, spirit and soul.  A person who keeps himself in balance is always quiet and never be shaken by a storm of existence; it’s just like a tree whose leaf never moves and also just like a shining pond with no ripples on it.

l  “Native Americans need no alphabets.  Words conveying truth sink deep inside heart and stay there.  Humans never forget such words.”
[Unknown author]

l  “Seek for not knowledge but wisdom.  Knowledge is a product, but wisdom produces future.”
[The Lumbee Tribe]

l  Peace between nations will not come until true peace takes root in the heart of people.”
[The Lumbee Tribe]

l  “Glittering water flowing in streams and rivers is not mere water but blood of our ancestors.  Any blurring shadow reflected on the water of lake is talking about events and memories of our tribe.  A slight sound of water is the voice of my father’s father’.”
[Sealth, the Squamish leader]

l  “Rocks never happen to be here.  Trees never happen to sand here.  There is someone who created them, the person who teaches all to us.”
[Unknown author]

l  “We want you never to forget that air is shared with all living beings and their spirits that it nurtures.  The wind that gave the first breath to our grandfathers also receives the last breath of them.”
[Sealth, the Squamish leader]

l  “Crisis changes humans.  It makes ordinary people cleverer and makes them have a stronger sense of responsibility.
[Unknown author]

l  “Name of God has no meaning.   The true God for the world is love.”
[The Apache Tribe]

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