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May 1, 2013

We Feel Life in Wildlife Silhouettes Pictures! [roomie]

Information from one of our readers, Serena, posted on our blog on April 28, 2013

It is wonderful that a picture of a “human” is included in these pictures.
Animals are beautiful.  Humans are also friends of animals living on the same planet.
(Comment by the reader)

English translation of a Japanese article: roomie – April 28, 2013 –

We Feel Life in Wildlife Silhouettes Pictures!

How wonderful it is that we can feel “life” this much!

Wildlife photographed by Mr. Mario Moreno, a South African photographer, are so vivid though we cannot see their expressions in “silhouette.”

Monkeys:  This picture has an uplifting feeling of a child monkey.

An elephant: Water surface is also beautiful!

A giraffe: I wonder what he thinks.

A rhino: Against the setting sun

Human and the sky

A vulture: The color of the moon seems to make the strength of a vulture stand out.

No wonder nature repeats “life” and “death” every day and every moment.
Although we seldom see such scenes, we would like to reconsider “life” and “death” by seeing these animal pictures.

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