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May 20, 2013

“The world is full of human clones!”: Former White Hat Agent Says!?

Two pieces of information from Mr. Masatoshi Takeshita:

It is a very interesting article.  As Billy Meier is a famous person, I’d like to make some comments on him.  It is completely a deception that he got in contact with Pleiades.  They were all Martians.  So is Asket, a beautiful alien.  It is true that they are aliens that came to earth from Mars by spacecraft, but they always tell a lie in this way.  They have no longer souls, but they still have bodies.  As their bodies have not perished yet, they still can do wrong.  However, you do not need to worry about them because they are completely controlled by our brothers in the universe.  A spirit entity that gets in contact with this evil alien Asket is Mathew, who has provided false information as channeling information.
Also in Japan, a fake spirit entity who calls herself Konohana-sakuya-hime has confused information by means of channeling.  I always advise you to keep away from channeling information because almost all information is sent from the world of evil.
However, such information sent from the world of evil contains 10 percent of truth.  If you can distinguish between true and false information, it will be useful in its own way.
Well, there is only one picture of true Hillary Clinton among eight pictures shown in the second article.  Can you tell which one?

Masatoshi Takeshita
May 9, 2013

English translation of an excerpt from a Japanese article: Kazumoto Iguchi’s blog – March 18, 2012 –

“The world is full of human clones!”: Former White Hat Agent Says!?

Recently, articles on an overseas conspiracy-type blog have been posted on Mr. mabuhay’s blog. I may introduce them in the future as I find them quite interesting.  Perhaps, this writer is a person called Jim Barraud.

They say this person can travel here and there on board a spacecraft of Pleiades (alien spices with gold hair and blue eyes) the same way as Mr. Billy Meier used to do.

And yet he has got into a relationship with a beautiful alien Asket.  I envy him all the more.  You can understand the true meaning of what I say: “I want a helping hand of an ET.”

Well, it appears that recently, a quite interesting article has been posted on his blog.

It is about the article in which Hillary Clinton has several doubles.

Then, what is a proof?  On Mr. mabuhay’s blog it is introduced as follows:


In 2008, during the American presidential election campaign, US Senator Hillary Clinton's handlers began to get clumsy and she was seen in two different places at once on a number of separate occasions. And not just in Iowa and New Hampshire.

Someone sees Hillary Clinton at a function across town at, say, 1.30pm. And then, when they compare notes with a Democratic Party co-worker later that day, they learn that Hillary was also seen back at the hotel at 1.30pm, three miles away. And her clothes were different, or her hair was different, or her makeup was different, and the people with her were different. Or, after a speaking engagement, the car drives Hillary Clinton away to Location A, where she is seen to get out of the car at, say, 10.45pm. But a co-worker sees her at 11.00pm at Location B thirty or forty miles away, except that Hillary Clinton and the car have not left Location A. And they couldn't drive that fast anyway, and Hillary's clothing or appearance is different, and the people with her are different. And the next day, arriving for an early morning meeting somewhere, Hillary comes from Location B, not from Location A. Meanwhile, she is seen having a late breakfast at Location A with different people. And so on.

How many different Hillary Clintons are there?

English translation of an excerpt from a Japanese article: Kazumoto Iguchi’s blog – February 23, 2011 –

Viewing various images of Hillary Clinton on a Google search, surprisingly, it appears there are at least four Clintons. 

I wonder who real Clinton is.

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