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May 7, 2013

Auspicous Occasion in Space (Solar Hal on May 2 and Engagement in Space)

 Picture of Solar Halo posted on Shanti Phula’s blog on May 3, 2013

(Information from Mr. Masatoshi Takeshita)

Yesterday on May 3, an article introduced by Serena-san was posted on Shanti Phula’s blog.  The article is about the rainbow which appeared around 3 p.m. on May 2.  The outer circle of light (rainbow) was shown by our universe Himemiko-sama, Hikari-kiwamuru-himemiko-sama and the inner circle of light was surprisingly shown by the universe outside our universe.  Seeing this picture, I intuitively knew that Hikari-kiwamuru-himemiko-sama had got engaged on May 1.  As I understood that the inner circle of light was shown by a male universe, the fiancé of Himemiko-sama, I asked Mrs. Seiko Nakanishi to get in contact with Himemiko-sama to give me an answer on whether or not my intuition was right.  I requested Himemiko-sama through contact with Mrs. Nakanishi to let me know the name of her fiancé and give his message to earthlings, if possible.

I’d like to let you know what is written in a faxed letter I got from Mrs. Nakanishi.

“Upon receiving your request, I called out to Hikari-kiwamuru-himemiko-sama and conveyed your request to her.  She willingly accepted your request.
First, I asked for confirmation about her engagement and that’s exactly right.
I expressed my deepest gratitude for an opportunity to have shared such a miraculous event with her.  To share this great joy with readers of Shanti Phula’s blog, I got permission from her to announce this event, the name of her fiancé, and a message to earthlings from him.
His message is as follows:

May 3, 2013 at 7:52 p.m.

“Hello, earthlings!  It’s nice to meet you!
I am Ooinaru-hikarinomikoto.
I’m so happy to communicate with you.
I have never experienced communicating with you before.
I’m so delighted to learn that you congratulate on our engagement.
As this is my first communication with you, I feel so nervous. (Nakanishi:  Really?)
Yes, I do.
I think it is an unimaginable miracle that an earthling can get in contact with us.
It is the ultimate benediction for you to congratulate on our engagement.
We would like to work together to be of help to you for peace of Earth.
Please always think of two of us.
Mrs. Nakanishi, I deeply thank you for your service.
I hope you will keep in touch with us.

Ooinau-hikarinomikoto-sama (14 years of age)"

*I have already drawn a picture of Hikari-kiwamur-himemiko-sama.  Now I’m drawing another picture.  The deity, who looks like a reflection of Himemiko-sama’ face in a mirror, greatly resembles her except for the impression that the deity has slightly mannish features and looks slightly elder than her.
Now suddenly I have felt that the deity may be Ooinaru-hikarinomikoto-sama.
He wears the same dress as Himemiko-sama, but his dress is blue.  I’ll finish drawing the parts other than his face I have already drawn.  I wish you to wait for a while.”

Seiko Nakanishi”

The above is the text of faxed letter from Mrs. Nakanishi.

Ooinau-hikrinomikoto-sama, from whom I got a message, is the universe outside our universe.
Although I didn’t believe it myself, either, I thought it would be possible to get in touch with him and get a message from him because there was a circle of light expressed by Ooinaru-hikarinomikoto-sama in the picture taken in Okinawa.  So I asked Mrs. Nakanishi to tell him what I want him to do.  I never imagined I could get a message from a realm outside our universe.  I am very surprised at an unbelievable message.

Although I don’t know myself about the universe in detail, our universe Hikari-kiwamuruhimemiko-sama is the being that has a body in each of the Systems; from the 1st Elemental System through the 12th System.  A System higher than the 12th System transcends our universe.  A transcendental system appears to have 24 universes including our universe; 12 male universes and 12 female universes.  This time these two universes have got engaged and we have shared this moment with them.  Is it really possible?

They will get married when Hikari-kiwamuru-himemiko-sama reaches the age of 16.  It is a long time before their marriage; I don’ know it will take place billions of years or 10 billions of years later by global time.  Therefore, this is all the more unbelievable event.

I suppose the picture Mrs. Nakanishi has already finish drawing and tries to put the final touches to is Ooinaru-hikarinomikoto-sama.  Upon her finishing the picture and getting a confirmation from him, I’ll release the picture on this blog.  I’m thinking of putting the pictures of Ooinaru-hikarinomikoto-sama and Hikari-kiwamuru-himemiko-sama in a frame.

Masatoshi Takeshita
May 4, 2013

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