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May 24, 2013

Professor Ikeda at Waseda University says “It is best to remain cancer untreated.”

I knew the name of Dr. Makoto Kondo in this article for the first time.  I had written a comment on an article posted on Shanti Phula’s blog on March 4 without knowing about Dr. Kondo’s books and his assertion on cancer treatment.  I have noticed for the first time that there was the name of Mr. Makoto Kondo in the article.

Reading his assertion now, I feel my intuition was as right as I had thought.  Even if I am found to have cancer, I would not do anything.  I think it is definitely better to do nothing and die peacefully than to pay a lot of money for treatment and physically suffer a lot.  People who are admitted to big hospitals and have doctors and pharmaceutical companies make great profit are afraid of death.  On the other hand, like me, people who ‘want to die peacefully from cancer’ don’t need to waste money.  Least of all, cancer insurance is nonsense, not to say too insane for me to understand.

My opinion is that unless we are detrimentally affected by water, air, food, microwaves and vaccination and others, which is the result of nuclear tests and environmental pollution and other factors, we hardly get sick.  Incidentally, my grown-up son has never been to a hospital.   Just think a little about living creatures such as Lonesome George and Blue-and-yellow Macaw inhabiting Galapagos, which live as long as or longer than human beings.  What will they do when they get sick?  Will they have a doctor who is referred to by Dr. Dolittle?  If they live longer without a doctor, it would be extraordinary.  If they have a doctor, it would far more extraordinary.  Don’t you think what human beings are doing is laughable?

Masatoshi Takeshita
May13, 2013

English translation of a Japanese article: “dot.” – May 12, 2013

Professor Ikeda at Waseda University, says “It is best to remain cancers untreated.”

Kiyohiko Ikdea, Professor, Waseda University Department of International Liberal Arts states flatly “I seldom have respect for somebody.”   However, he talked about Dr. Makoto Kondo, whom Dr. Ikeda considers “a great person.”

Recently books by Dr. Makoto Kondo seem to have been selling like crazy.  Looking at the ranking of best sellers at Amazon, all his books recently published are best sellers, which include “Seven secrets not so as to be killed by cancer treatment” (Bunshun Shinsho). “47 tips not so as to be killed by doctors” (Ascom), “’Lie of ‘3 month of life expectancy’” (Best Shinsho), “’If possible, I want to die from ‘cancer’” coauthored by Jinichi Nakamura (Takarajima-sha Shinsho) and “Recommendation for therapy for remaining cancer untreated” (Bunshun Shinsho).

Dr. Kondo’s assertion is that so-called solid cancers such as stomach cancer, lung cancer and colon cancer except for special cancer such as blood cancer are not expected to show a survival advantage even by being treated.  According to him, basically, it is best to remain cancer untreated.  It is natural for him to be hated like a snake or scorpion by medical circles.  Dr. Kondo actively started writing general interest books in the mid-1990s.  I have studied his arguments in my own way.  As a result, I have become convinced that Dr. Kondo’s theory is almost right because it is backed by an abundance of data and solid reasoning.

I even offered a commentary on a book “Can cancer be cured by resection?” when its pocket edition went on sale in 1998.  I myself have not had cancer screening test for these twenty years and neither have had a physical checkup for nine years.  I have no intention to do so.

Although I seldom have respect for somebody, I really consider him to be a great person.  Dr. Kondo graduated with highest honors from Keio University School of Medicine and left for the U.S. to study radiology.  It is said that he was expected to come back to his alma mater to work as a lecturer and before long, to be the first professor among his fellow alumni.  However, he argued against the total removal of breast cancer, which was a mainstream trend in the medical circles at that time, and publicly advocated conservative treatment of breast cancer.  This caused him being off the career track.  Dr. Kondo himself looks back and says that he prepared to end his life as eternal lecturer.  Conservative treatment, which has been ignored for years in medical circles, has become the standard treatment for breast cancer now.  He has made a contribution to a paradigm shift in breast cancer treatment in exchange for his success in life.  This shift may have been partly due to the situation under which excellent conservative treatment was spread among patients by mouth of word.

Judging from the sheer numbers of his books sold, Kondo’s argument seems to be getting support from many people again now.  Medical circles will try to desperately fight against him.  This is because surgeons engaged in cancer operations and pharmaceutical companies producing anticancer drugs will lose the means of livelihood if it is accepted as the best choice by patients to remain cancer untreated.

However, patients never exist for medical circles so that the first have the latter make a profit.  There is a possibility that patients will be killed by operations or anticancer drugs, but no possibility that surgeons will die from lack of means of livelihood.  It is apparent which is better.

*Shukan Asahi (weekly magazine) – May 17 issue -

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