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May 10, 2013

Multinational Corporations, TPP Mastermind, Finally Comes to the Front and Starts to Selfishly Call for Market Liberalization

It was clear to me what the Koizumi Reform would bring about.  In fact, the result was exactly what I expected to happen.  As I often talked about it in video lectures, you can understand what I told you turns out to be true.  What I said five years ago is happening now.  As for TPP, it is such an unusual example that makes us precisely understand what will happen in the future.  I am afraid many people will be deceived again.

Masatoshi Takeshita
May 2, 2013

English translation of a Japanese article: Ankoku Yakou – May 2, 2013 –

Multinational Corporations, TPP Mastermind, Finally Comes to the Front and Starts to Selfishly Call for Market Liberalization

It appears that multinational corporations (MNC), TPP mastermind, finally have come to the front and started to make specific one-sided demands with the aim of influence peddling for themselves.

As I commented about TPP many times in the previous entries, it is “the truth of matter” that even President Obama, not to mention U.S. congressmen, cannot directly get access to specific contents of TPP and a group of renowned MNCs including GM completely manage and control what is talked in negotiations (conditions).

In other words, negotiations between the Japanese and U.S. governments as well as the exchange of opinions between high officials in the two countries, as reported by the mass media in Japan, are never negotiation on conditions.  Far from it, they are just confirmation of MNCs’ claims like “carrier pigeons.”

In a word, there exists no real negotiation on terms and conditions.  The phrases Shinzo Abe uses, which are reported as “defend sacred areas at all cost” or “we demand what is supposed to be demanded” by the mass media, are mere “fiction” to make us believe as if negotiation were in progress.

Actually, reading an article excerpted from the Akahata, we will find out the fact that MNCs pose too blatant demands.

What are demanded by MNCs, which are shown in the article, are as follows:

* “(TPP) is a chance which gives huge profits to the U.S. and U.S. corporations” (GE)

*“Relaxation in description of the ingredients of newly developed food & food with nutrition function claims  and also that of the name, percentage and production process of food additives (“relaxation of regulations to “secure food safety”)”

*“Entry of American corporations into large-scale public works projects such as major expressways, major public buildings, procurement of railways and stations, urban development & redevelopment projects”

*“Acceleration of procedures for approval of food additives and relaxation of regulations on use of fungicides”

*“Deregulation of tariffs on major items including rice and abolishment of duty to take epidemic prevention measures on U.S. apples” (Walmart)

“Relaxation of registration procedures for fungicides of postharvest (agricultural chemicals used after harvest)” (California Cherry Association)

*”Relaxation of Japan’s standards for residual pesticides” (California Grape Association)

These are, of course, a part of demands from MNCs, but just look at these, they sufficiently convey their tranny.  It is self-evident that all industries in Japan will be “made to be markets for the U.S.”

We really feel anew that “participation in TPP” is “act of traitor to the country”, nothing but economic colonization.

Additionally, we have to have a sense of danger anew on that the U.S. claims to incorporate a “toxin provision” “ISDS (Investor State Dispute Settlement stipulation)” and foreign corporations claim the right to take legal action against the government of the partner country.

In other words, we have to reaffirm the meaning of a definite statement by the United State Trade Representative (USTR): “The goal of the Obama administration is to secure a favorable position so that the U.S. workers and business managers become winners of competitions in the Asia Pacific region.”

And there is one more point to note: the fact is specifically described by an article of the Akahata, shown below, that what Shinzo Abe says, that is, “we should protect what is supposed to be protected in TPP negotiations” is not guaranteed, which is indicated by the notification to the U.S. Congress.

In other words, the part described in the joint statement of the Japan-U.S. summit meeting between Obama and Abe held on February 22: “both countries have sensitivity in bilateral trade such as a given number of agricultural products for Japan and a given number of industrial products for the U.S. is missed (or ignored) in the notification to the U.S. Congress.  This means that the U.S. has apparently no intention of paying attention to Japanese agricultural products.

It is said that the Japanese and U.S. governments will have consultation about nine areas in parallel with TPP negotiations over 21 areas.  It is safe to say that these 30 areas are exactly what was discussed in the hideous “U.S.-Japan Economic Harmonization Initiative” (the U.S.-Japan Regulatory Reform and Competition Policy Initiative 2.0).

In a word, “TPP” is synonymous with the “U.S.-Japan Economic Harmonization Initiative” (the U.S.-Japan Regulatory Reform and Competition Policy Initiative 2.0), which the U.S. had long demanded Japan to accept.

In the future we will hear enough of blatant and unequal demands from the U.S. to Japan.

Now that we have initiated negotiations after official announcement to participate TPP, we cannot turn back.

The bus Japan jumped on is a damned bus for the “hell” which never makes us turn back.

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