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May 21, 2013

Illustration of Harukeki-hikarisasumiya-himemiko-sama (Uranus, 10 years of age) & her message

Illustration of Harukeki-hikarisasumiya-himemiko-sama
 (Uranus, 10 years of age)
<Linga Sarira>
Illustrated by Mrs. Seiko Nakanishi

posted on our blog on May 17, 2013

Message from Harukeki-hikarisasumiya-himemiko-sama 
(in response to many comments from readers)

Thank you for sending us many comments to Harukeki-hikarinasumiya-himemiko-sama.
We have received a message from her through Mrs. Seiko Nakanishi on May 18, 2013.

Shanti Phula

May 18, 2013 at 10:15 a.m.

All Shanthi Phula blog readers, I am Harukeki-hikarisasumiya-himemihi.
I am very happy to have you see my portrait.
You seem to have thought that I am far away from you.
The truth is that I am very close to you.
I am very happy that you have recognized it and called to me.

Earth is regaining its beautiful luster.
It is great pleasure of us planets to look at it.
Please keep on seeking truth!
Please never give up!
Please don’t forget that the Universe sides with righteous people!
We also sincerely hope all of you will have a happy future.


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