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May 15, 2013

Astounding Operation in Awaji Island

This is very important information.
Read the last sentence written in red letters in this article, which says: “This has negated a possibility of pole shift of Earth.”  It seems that this is true.  Although there was 100-percent possibility as of April 1 that a pole shift of Earth would take place, but no possibility now.  I think it is highly likely to be due to this operation.

Masatoshi Takeshita
May 10, 2013

English translation of a Japanese article: Remote Viewing and Space Network – May 9, 2013 –

Astounding Operation in Awaji Island

Hi, everybody.  Someone named Mr. C, who participated in the 39th operation to completely protect the Kansai area including Awaji Island, Hyogo Pref. together with us the other day, has reported his astounding  experience he had after arriving at Awaji Island (of course, in another dimension) by performing astral projection, shown below.  I’d like to post it on this blog.  I feel a little sad because I myself didn’t remember anything.  His report has made me deeply recognize anew the importance of Awaji Island.  Thank you very much, Mr. C!

<Report on the operation by Mr. C.>

Good morning, Mr. Rocket.  Thank you for giving me an opportunity to take part in the 39th operation.  I’m going to give a report on it.

I want to make a comment secretly because what I saw is so absurd that I feel ashamed to talk about it.  Last evening, I flied to the center spot of Awaji Island from Ise Shrine after going to bed.  Then I felt the hot tears slowly wet the closed eyelids.

What?  Why?  Looking carefully, I found members of the Team Rocket (including me) digging rocks or something out of a hole of 50 to 60 centimeter diameter which was made in the center spot of Awaji Island, and carrying it to the ground by operating a relay system.  Each member teamed up to form a vertical line  like a chain reaching the underground.

Hot tears also wet their eyes.  And the rocks dug out were handed over to the captain on the ground.  However, those rocks were not the captain had wanted to wait for.  And finally, the exact object he had wanted was dug and handed over to the captain.  The captain tensely received the block and tossed it up in the air with stone-like expression.  Around that time, hot tears all the more welled up in every member’s eyes.  I actually touched my eyes and I found the tears wet my eyes.

Although the block tossed up in the air was not seen hidden in something like a cloud, I understood that probably Hamakky-sama* neutralized and detoxified it.  At that time, somebody, energy being, explained to me: “That block was buried deep under the ground in the center point of Awaji Island.  If that block had been activated, the earth would have been exploded into pieces.”

When making a manju or steamed cake stuffed with bean-jam, to finish up, you pinch the croute on top of the manju.  Metaphorically speaking, I was told that Awaji Island serves as a “joint” for Earth, which is made when the croute is pinched for the final touch.  And I was told “this has negated a possibility of the pole shift of the earth.”  And I called up an image of holding Awaji Island in my palms and showering light on the island.

After that, members shrouded Kagawa Prefecture and Tokushima Prefecture with a lot of light.  I don’t know in detail, but I hear these two prefectures are Japan’s jewelry like a diamond.  I was told that Awaji Island is a jewel for Earth and these two prefectures are jewelry for Japan.  Members’ hot tears deeply impressed me.

After leaving Awaji Island, I moved to Tottori Prefecture and then Okayama Prefecture.  I don’t know why, but in Tottori Prefecture, there was an area where I felt uncomfortable; it might be a stronghold of anti-Japanese movement or anti-Japanese elements.  There was some big group or energy in a left half of Okayama Prefecture.  I felt this was not the place where we are supposed to carry out an operation.  I remember that I was explained that the center spot of Awaji Island echoes with and responds to the core of Earth.  This is all what we did in the operation.

(Note by Rocket) I suppose that the group located in a left half of Okayama Prefecture is the headquarters of Konkokyo, a new religion.

(Note) *Hamakky-sama – UFO looking like a cigar

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