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Apr 15, 2013

[The Voice of Russia] Homeless Needs No Lottery (Video)

I assure that he is a genuine sage.  If many people on earth were humans like Mr. Mahurin, there would no poverty or war on earth.
There are very few who really get to know what real “happiness” is.

Masatoshi Takeshita
April 12, 2013

English translation of a Japanese version of The Voice of Russia – April 11, 2013 –

Homeless Needs No Lottery (Video)

Photo: EPA

A homeless, who comes from Bloomington, Illinois, has smiles for the first time in several decades.  Mr. Dennis Mahurin, 58, won $50,000 in a $3 lottery.  That much money could have enabled him to go out of the life on the streets.  However, his answer was to continue living in a tent.  This is a report from the Metro.

Mr. Mahurin started living on the streets in 1978.  Early in April, 2013, the man bought a $3 lottery at a gas station.  Contrary to everybody’s expectations, the winner declares “Life on the streets has already been a part of my nature.  “I am happy.  I’m happy as can be,” he says.  The jackpot will be used partly to replace the old tent with a new one, to have dental work done and to visit his son.  According to Mr. Mahurin, the money left will be shared with his “unhappy” friends.

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