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Apr 5, 2013

[Raba Q] What? Pictures of North Korea Completely Discloses Secret - “Kim Jong-un, thank you for showing your plan to us all”

Seeing from a different point of view, this is a humorous picture.
They purposely leak these pictures to have us see them.
And yet, they purposely let us know the most confidential information on plan to attack the U.S. mainland.
If North Korea seriously intends to wage war against America, they are an absolute idiot.

Masatoshi Takeshita
March 31, 2013

English translation of an excerpt from a Japanese article: Raba Q – March 31, 2013 –

Pictures of North Korea Completely Discloses Secret - Kim Jong-un, thank you for showing your plan to us all”

North Korea-related news turns up the heat.

As yesterday First Secretary Kim Jong-un gave an instruction “to hold attacking” US bases and released photographs of a strategy meeting, neighboring countries has come under strain.

However, the pictures, which were posted humorously on overseas bulletin boards: “Thank you for showing your strategy to us all,” were gaining great popularity among viewers.

What secrets did released pictures show?  Just look at them.

It is a strategy meeting with a tense atmosphere. 
 The problem is the part surrounded by a red circle.

“US MAINLAND STRIKE PLAN” described majestically in Korean

I see.  They are planning to attack in this way.

The PC he uses seems to be an Apple-made product.

Although the mover of North Korea is hardly predictable, the pictures were gaining great popularity among internet users, who say “Anyway, thank you for releasing your plan.”

  • Oh, don’t release it.  All people will start moving here.
  • I felt scared as a resident of Nebraska.
  • It is safe in Detroit, too.  Well, it is really a good experience to live in a town which looks like an already blown-up one.
  • As Detroit is originally a ruined city, nothing will change.
  • Why is Kim Jon-un such a clown?
  • Every day I spend time arranging shameful time for him. 
  • According to an article, pictures were intended to be used internally.  But the 21st century is the Internet society, and …… 
  • “Internally means ‘within the country,” not “within the government.’”
  • If these kinds of pictures are leaked for the sake of morale, the people seriously take that attacks on the American mainland will take place.  As people in other countries can’t contact them, North Koreans never mind whatever we say.  The North Korean government knows that we don’t believe them.
  • However, why are they going to attack Mexico with nuclear weapons, too?
  • To damage labor power in America.
  • What a relief!  No plan to attack New York.
  • Because nuclear missiles can’t reach there.
  • He has to be the ”worst of worst” but a part of me wants to give him a nudge, spank his bottom and say “Tiger, you can go.”

In spite of a strained problem, every comment lacked tension.

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