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Apr 3, 2013

[Mr. Naoto Amaki] Can Prime Minister Abe forcibly hold a ceremony to celebrate the “anniversary of sovereignty restoration,” which will torment the Emperor?

As for the war responsibility of Emperor Showa, my personal opinion is that he cannot exempt from it.  I believe that the Emperor keenly had felt himself responsible for the war and thought we should never wage war.  

I also think that it was Hideki Tojo that died after taking the rap for whole responsibility to protect the Emperor and that he might have been a real hero.  I am not a right-winger or a left-winger, either.   

I have no interest in any ideology.  I just think so.  If not, it is incomprehensible that the soul of Hideki Tojo exists in the empyreal of the Sirius System 1st level.  We have to review what situation led to the war.

Masatoshi Takeshita
March 30, 2013

Hirohito/Emperor Shōwa (left)
& Hideki Tojo (right)

English translation of an excerpt from a Japanese article: BLOG OF AMAKI NAOTO – March 30, 2013 –

Can Prime Minister Abe forcibly hold a ceremony to celebrate the “anniversary of sovereignty restoration”, which will torment the Emperor?

Subsequently, no coverage on a ceremony to celebrate the “anniversary of sovereignty restoration” has been given.  I wonder if such ceremony can be held.

I repeatedly said so.

In a serial article (12) entitled “Background Story of Nagata-cho To Read” carried in the Nikkan Gendai, a tabloid evening paper, on March 30, Mr. Takeshi Takano, a journalist, wrote completely the same as what I had spoken of, which suggests that he had already known my idea.

In a word, he has written that April 28 is not only a “day of humiliation” in Okinawa but also a day of humiliation for the entire Japanese who submitted to the control of the U.S.

That’s right.

However, his article has made me recognize something more important.

He says.  With a strong opposition in Okinawa, if this goes on, Okinawa will miss a ceremony to celebrate the “anniversary of sovereignty restoration.”  But the ceremony is a major event where the Emperor and Empress will attend at.  If Okinawa fails to attend at the ceremony, Rightists will start making noises by saying “How dare you refuse to participate in the independence ceremony where the Emperor and Empress will attend at.”  If so, Okinawa would say, “If you say to that extent, Okinawa is going to seriously choose a way of independence.”

Mr. Takano’s writing has an incredibly serious meaning.

In a word, it is a well-known fact that Okinawa was cut off from Japan and was placed under U.S. occupation by Emperor Showa.  And it is the present Emperor and Empress that have felt most deeply distressed about Okinawa.  It is hardly possible that they will gladly attend at such ceremony that Okinawa boycotts.

Yes, wise readers will understand that if Prime Minister Abe forcibly holds a ceremony to celebrate the “sovereignty day,” it will torment the Emperor and Empress and make them sad.  It would be a lie if rightists do not rebel against it.  Nevertheless, does Prime Minister Abe intend to forcibly hold the ceremony to commemorate the “anniversary of sovereignty restoration”?

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