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Apr 20, 2013

[Mr. Akinori Kimura] I think what we are saying can be understood by everybody, even animals and plants. I can definitely say so.

This is because flowers and trees have the mind and consciousness.
When spoken to in Japanese or any other language, they can understand it.  And they make an answer.  We feel that they give an answer, though we can’t hear it.  Likewise, stones have the mind, consciousness and feelings.  Female planet spirits described by Mrs. Nakanishi can make conversation with the humans through her.  However, where is the brain of the earth and moon?  Modern people think that neither the earth nor the moon has brain.  My sensitivity makes me think their way of thinking is queer.  Stones have the mind and feelings.  They feel happy and give an answer when spoken to.  This is nothing special.  Modern people are so confused and egocentric that they can’t understand it.  Generally, of course, what I say is considered complete nonsense.  I don’t want to talk to ill-natured people.

Masatoshi Takeshita
April 14, 2013

* About Akinori Kimura, See: Akinori Kimura(Google Search)

English translation of an excerpt from a Japanese article: Monju Bosatsu – April 14, 2013 –

I think what we are saying can be understood by everybody, even animals and plants.  I can definitely say so.

“Everything is under the command of the universe” 
by Akinori Kimura, a farmer of miracle apples
Published by Toho Shuppan

Our fields had been getting worse and worse since the start of faming without use of pesticides and chemical fertilizers.  I had attempted to spray food against agricultural pests in vain.  When I turned 34, I had run out of such food after successive failures, I felt at the end of my rope and I wasn’t sure what to do.  However, I noticed that “words have terrific power.”

This was taught by apple trees.
Apple trees had not bloomed for many years and got so all weak that they were shaken from side to side with a slight push.  I thought these trees would wither if I did nothing.  So I started to speak to them prayerfully.

“Sorry to have you in such irreversible condition.”
“I don’t mind if you don’t bloom or bear fruit.  Please hold out so as not to wither.”

I touched the trees gently with care, hoping they can feel the warmth of my skin, and spoke to them to convey my honest feelings: “Please hold out to the end.”

Never providing any fertilizer or spraying any pesticide is like forcing the humans to “work hard” without giving food to eat or without administering medicine to take.

Looking at thinner trees with such feelings, words naturally came out one after another. It became a part of my daily routine to speak to the trees.

There are more than 800 apple trees in the four fields.  I took time to speak to each tree because I wanted to let them know how I felt.

As I spoke loudly, some people who were in the adjacent field seemed to hear my words.  Suddenly they made a fuss, saying “Is there anybody?” or “To whom is he telling?”
Feeling ashamed, I abruptly hid myself.  My acts had already been a laughingstock to my neighbors.  I was afraid of being talked about by neighbors; they would say, “Kimura has finally been crazy” if they saw me speak to the trees.

Although I thought I had already discarded my vanity, some of it still remained in my mind.  Reflecting myself, it was when I was left alone at fields after my family left for home that I spoke to apple trees.  Such feelings made me hesitate to speak to the apple trees which stood on the property line of adjacent field and those along the road.

This made a big difference.
The apple trees I had asked to hold out to the end did firmly take roots with shaking trunks changing into robust ones and gradually recovered.  They answered my zeal I conveyed to them.

On the other hand, the apples trees I didn’t speak to or a line of 82 apple trees which stood on the border line of adjacent field and along the road, all withered as if they had rimmed the fields.

I felt this phenomenon when I touched cucumbers in another field.

Holding out your finger to a cucumber, it curls the hair around your finger if you are a child or innocent person.  If it doesn’t curl the hair around your finger, touch it gently and then it sometimes curls around it quietly.

I made it.  However, the top leader of a well-known religious group tried to do so in vain, though his disciples all made it.

When you make an experiment, you’d better try it alone without seen by others. (Page 80)

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