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Mar 27, 2013

[Shinshu no Izumi] NHK Announcer Jun Hori To Resign Will Angry Young Men Belonging to Mass Media Launch a Coup? Let’s Create an Independent New Media!

I agree with this writer.  I also want young people to awaken.  However, never arouse a feeling of “anger” and “violence.”  Please arouse “wisdom.”  Wisdom means to realize the fact as it is.  Take for example, the fact that deities and alien species exist and are around us.

Masatoshi Takeshita
March 21, 2013

English translation of an excerpt from a Japanese article: Shinshu no Izumi – March 20, 2013 –

NHK Announcer Jun Hori To Resign  Will Angry Young Men Belonging to Mass Media Lauch a Coup?  Let’s Create an Independent New Media!

NHK announcer Jun Hori, who was an expectant youth, responsible for the next generation, has decided to leave NHK.  From common people’s point of view, he has been on the career track as an elite announcer in NHK.  However, my guess is that Mr. Jun Hori, a 36-year-old young announcer, has felt uncomfortable with (critical over) the coverage of mass media on the harsh nuclear power plant accident since March 11, 2011, He also felt angry and disgusted at NHK, which he himself belongs to, because NHK, which plays a role in assisting the force of vested interests associated with nuclear power generation, not only avoids providing substantial reports over the accident, following the example of commercial TV stations but also is being focused on a sort of intentionally biased coverage. (Photograph: “Gendai Business”)

A 36-year-old clean youth, who is regarded as the elite in a public broadcast station, had lofty ideals and dreamed of becoming a respectable journalist.  However, he seems to have had a deep anger at the corporate culture of NHK he joined in, particularly in the area of news report, hotbed of the rotten sea.*  As Mr. Mad Amano, a parodist, had a deep insight of the incident, at the end of last year Takeshige Morimoto, an announcer, who just served as the host of a program “NHK Special: Final Report of Nuclear Power Plant Accident” featuring serious examination of the severe accident at Fukushima No. 1 nuclear power plant, underwent hardship of arrest in line with the national policy in order to serve as a warning to other major mass media.  The same case was with Mr. Kazuhide Uekusa, an economist, and Mr. Naoyuki Mikami, the former editor in chief of the weekly Toyo Keizai, both of whom were accused of unjustly.

Mr. Uekusa, Mr. Morimoto and Mr. Mikami, as exemplars of real journalists, stick to their beliefs, as professionals or individuals, that they dare to express their candid opinions to highlight the huge evil.  Mr. Uekusa condemned the huge evil of the Koizumi administration in its economic and political policies.  Mr. Morimoto who faithfully served as a MC in the above program, incurred the wrath of the nuclear power establishment and was symbolically turned into a human sacrifice.  Mr. Naoyuki Mikami, the former editor in chief of the Toyo Keizai, had edited splendid critical articles of TEPCO in the weekly.  They are models of real journalists.

According to the “Gendai Business,” Mr. Jun Hori kept twittering apology to “false report” by NHK as well as criticism, and severely criticized the country as mentioning that the death of a decontamination worker was unrelated to decontamination work.  In November last year, he called for thorough disclosure of information and was bold enough to say “It is useless to count on the country and organizations.  Stop counting on them any longer.  Let’s move on our own.  Let’s think on our own.  Let’s change this country on our own.  Because it is our country” (twitter: on December 12, 2011).  He also produced an antinuke film and showed it in UCLA.  He had stuck to his guts even in the rotten sea NHK.

With regard to the force of vested interests, Mr. Jun Hori, who has such a level of spirit of rebelliousness, denies the mentality of “Yield to the powerful” and honestly talks about his belief.  As a result, NHK bullied him and relegated him to an innocent cooking program to stop his political comments.   It is quite natural that Mr. Jun Hori thinks “Don’t fooling around.”  Even if Mr. Jun Hori with strong will power stays in NHK, he will eventually “suffer being investigated in line with the national policy.”  Therefore, he has made the wisest judgment of retirement to launch a new career, jumping out of the cage.  There is no future in Japan unless the young awaken and demonstrate their anger by action.  This writer, a patriotic old man, has high hopes for “undaunted young people” like Mr. Jun Mori.

(Note)*Rotten sea
It is an image appearing in a film “Kaze no Tani no Naushika” directed by Hayao Miyazaki, which is a grotesque world where toxic miasma evaporates.  Current mass media is the very hotbed of rotten sea, grotesque complex of vested interests and starts causing Japan to corrode with its miasma.

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