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Mar 13, 2013

[Murmur of Old Storekeeper of Drugstore]Health Check Makes Cancer Patients Get Cancer and Useless Medical Treatment Make Them Die

I have no trust in Western medicine.  So I understand very well what is written in this article.  I am unlikely to get cancer because I have no stress.  Even if cancer is detected, I will try to coexist with it.  If I am lucky, I’ll recover from it by taking “makomo.”* Even if I can’t recover from it, I’d like to choose to die without suffering a lot.  In fact, I don’t have any insurance and any drastic change in medical system due to TPP will be nothing to do with me.  Foreign capital will threaten to impose expensive health insurance on the public.  I have nothing to worry about because I have no insurance.
However, I just oppose to TPP which is apparently evil.  Nevertheless, as I expected, medical service workers were the messengers of “Death.”

Masatoshi Takeshita
March 4, 2013

*(Note) medicinal powdered wild rice. See Google Search: Makomo Powder

English translation of an excerpt from a Japanese article: “Soon northern wind will blow” - March 4, 2013 –

Health Check Makes Cancer Patients Get Cancer and Useless Medical Treatment Make Them Die

Excerpt from “Murmur of Old Storekeeper of Drugstore” – April 12, 2012 –

At first, what does it mean to “make cancer patients get cancer”?  There are two causes.

First, cancer develops due to X-ray exposure.
Even an instantaneous exposure to small dose of radiation of chest X-ray examination will develop cancer.
CT scan which exposes a patient to incommensurable dose of radiation will harm him/her greatly.  Some doctors say that one in 10 Japanese patients develops cancer due to CT scan.

Second cause is misdiagnosis.  Physicians cannot distinguish between benign cancer, which is no problem without treatment, and malignant cancer leading to death.
According to Dr. Makoto Kondo at Medical School, Keiko University, “Experts in cancer have given up to define what cancer is.  In the past cancer was defined as “abnormal cells which grow and kill a patient in the future” but with the progress of microscopes, it was known that there are various types of cancers.  There are gentle cancers and violent ones; it was difficult to determine which is which by appearance.”

And then Dr. Kondo says, “Upon being detected, all cancers metastasize to other organs or does not.  Non-metastatic cancer is considered not to spread though leaving it unattended and I call it “mock cancer.”  This type of cancer is so-called benign cancer and can coexist peacefully with a patient without any harm.

And Dr. Mikio Shou says, “The Society of Pathology has so-called criteria for determining cancer.  After a lot of discussions on malignant and benign cancers, a big shot appears and determines this is malignant and this is benign.  Others obey to his decision.

There are demonic cancers, but 80 to 90 percent of cancers are benign.
“Mock cancer” by Dr. Kondo is a wonderful expression.
Attacking all cancers in a lump (by anticancer drugs or radiation) is wrong.  They think ‘Let’s brand an ambiguous disease as a cancer.”

A benign cancer is simply nothing but a bump.  Additionally, Prof Abo says: “Cancer people aged 75 years or older get is all right even if left unattended.  Detection after examination at a hospital will deliver a bad result.  So, you should not go to hospital.”

Next thing is “useless treatment kills you.”   It means “killings” by “three big treatments” of cancer.  Cancer patients are being killed with poison, burn to death and killed with resection; by extremely-poisonous anticancer drugs, by harmful radiation and by unnecessary surgeries respectively

The first treatment with anticancer drug: When anticancer drug is administered, lymphocytes drastically decrease.  In a word, the drug depletes NK cells which fight cancer cells.

On the other hand, anticancer drug is almost powerless against cancer and it is cancer cell that most enjoys administration of anticancer drug.

It is true that a part of a cancer is shrunk by anticancer drug, but cancer cells neutralize anticancer drug by changing their own gene “counter-anticancer drug” against toxicity of anticancer drug.

This is the same mechanism in which insects develop resistance against pesticides.  In addition, if cancer is slapped by anticancer drug, benign “mock cancer” is changed into malignant “real cancer.”
The harder beaten a cancer, the more demonic it gets.

Such useless anticancer drugs are actively being used.  However, when 271 physicians were asked about “administration of anticancer drug to themselves” in a questionnaire, 270 physicians replied “No.”

In another case, four professors in medical school, Tokyo University had repeatedly administered anticancer drugs to their patients.  Upon getting cancer, however, the four professors flatly denied a use of anticancer drugs and cured them through dietary therapy.  What a scandalous tale!

With regard to the second therapy, radiotherapy, it, as is the case with anticancer drug, drastically decreases lymphocytes and changes a benign “mock cancer” into a malignant “real cancer.”

The third treatment, operation, naturally decreases physical resistance, which will contribute to the growth of cancer.
This is not the end of it.  The big three cancer treatments drastically weaken the immune system people naturally have and make them contract various infectious diseases.  There is a fact that 80 percent of cancer patients died not of cancer but of infectious disease.

Why have such wrong treatment been practiced?  It is because physicians have to conform to the “Treatment Guideline.”

An astonishing fact has been disclosed that physicians have cozy relations with pharmaceutical makers in developing the guideline.  The makers donate enormous amount of money to physicians.
Here we clearly see the “dark focus of disease” of modern medical world.

I have given you the gist of problematic points of cancer treatment.  This is reality.  Even a section chief of Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare who has authorization to use anticancer drugs says, “It is queer to cover medical cost of this sort of thing by insurance.”  It seems to be very difficult changing a huge vested-interest structure.

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