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Mar 5, 2013

[Mr.Takeshita] Object looking like a firebird (Inner peace and Future of Earth)

Information from Mr.Takeshita:

After reading the article “Rocket News - Obviously, Firebird” posted on Shanti Phula’s blog yesterday, Mrs. Seiko Nakanishi focused her consciousness on the object looking like a firebird to communicate with it.  Then she received the following message.  I’d like to introduce it to you.

February 26, 2013 11:41 AM

“Sorry to have kept you waiting.
I am Yorokobi-takaku-utau-mikoto, the commander of this spaceship.
We have been investigating the sun’s corona to stop explosion of solar flares.
We will barely be able to stop it.
However, as this depends greatly on human consciousness, please keep on praying as earnestly as ever.
Now the investigation is over (as of February 26).
We have completed our mission.

(I asked him about the object looking like a firebird.)

This is a UFO.
Viewing sideways at it, it looks like a firebird.
The crew consists of 1,200 deities, including myself.
Please convey this message to people.”

This is the message Mrs. Nakanishi received.  Immediately after seeing a UFO photo posted on Shanti Phula’s blog, I sensed that it comes from a higher-level system.  Yorokobi-takaku-utau-mikoto-sama is the 1st Lord of the 1st Celestial Deity Level of the 5th Love Creator Deity System.  As described in the above message, crew members on UFOs are sometimes space aliens and other times deities.  People who deny the existence of UFOs made in non-Earth are considered to deny the existence of deities who have descended on Earth to save it.  At present, most earthlings, who are materialists, believe the false information the government releases in the form of news every day to be true.

Well, as I informed you of it on February 9, finally, we have come to be able to send higher-level spiritual energy on Earth, which has helped increase vibration of not only the sun, the earth and the moon but also all planets of our solar system.  In association with this, I thought that dangers arising from solar flares have been greatly mitigated.  The message Mrs. Nakanishi’ received was  convincing enough to make me understand.

I have thought that the problem is not dangers arising from superflares, but rather kill shot ( powerful solar flares, though not so massive as superflare, which incessantly attack the earth).
I don’t think that we have managed to escape from it.
What people on Earth consider as natural phenomenon never occurs separately from human consciousness.
The more fear or worry about the future humanity has, the more uncontrollable the phenomenon gets.  When facing reality, you will take action to cope with it.

Simply put, actually almost none of us think that we will be able to sustain such lifestyle enjoyed in developed countries in the same way as ever because we are faced with many problems of nuclear power plants, weapons, energy, environmental destruction, food, population and water.  It is impossible to sustain our current lifestyle unless people in developed countries engage in population reduction by waging wars or incessantly continue to rip off from other countries.  I think that almost everyone understands it.  The more often they take their eyes off such reality, pretend not to see it and escape from reality into daily life, the more heightened their anxiety or fear will be.

There are a small number of brave people who are thoroughly facing with these problems and making efforts to solve them.  Among such brave people are researchers in the field of free energy.  In most cases they are ridiculed and neglected.  This world sounds ridiculous because most people never pay attention or listen to such people that are making desperate efforts to save the world from destruction.
This shows that people in general are deeply under mind control as a result of brainwashing of the government.  If some people try to expose the falsehood of the government and the media and that in history education to disclose the truth, they are called conspiracy theory fanatics.

I feel completely helpless against the reality.  Specifically speaking, I cannot believe in the reality that there are people who take seriously the government’s report on the nuclear power plant accident and the   government’s absurd remarks that exposure to low-dose radiation is rather good for the health.  People who trust the government and the media would consider that the articles I introduce on Shanti Phula’s blog are the very conspiracy theory, though I just introduce the truth.

Well, let’s get back on the track.  The future of Earth depends greatly on our consciousness.  It is important to appreciate the truth, brace yourself for conceivable future and always keep inner peace.  I doubt that materialists can always keep peace and quiet because only visible reality exists for them.  Money is the most important for them.  However, how much money, mere slips of paper, they may have, they feel uneasy.  Nobody knows when inland earthquakes will occur.  People who can keep inner peace are living a life, always feeling the existence of deities.  They try to live, following the voice of deities.
Deities have voiced their wishes to stop wars and abolish nuclear power plants on Earth.
They desire us not to hurt all life on Earth any more.

I do want people who read my comment to free themselves from a narrow mundane mindset and observe everything from a broader perspective to contribute to the universe as a member.
What everybody can do is to make efforts to keep inner peace and to pray to deities, always believing their guidance.  If most of people living on Earth can live in this way, future will definitely become very beautiful.

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