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Mar 19, 2013

[Foreign News Never Covered by Media] Will Your Protest Be Terminated By Killer Robots?

Although he seems to dislike wars, Obama does seem to like killing people whom he dislikes by using drone strikes.  Besides this article, there is another article entitled “Barack Obama has authority to use drone strikes to kill Americans on US soil.  Please read it.  In short, we aim to create a dreamy society with crazy people as our leaders, where they can kill those who are not to their liking any time they want.  TPP is the first step in depriving national sovereignty to accomplish their goal.  NWO (New World Order) is the world where forced labor, torture and death await people who resist rulers.  Of course, everything is privatized.  This is because rulers are involved with bankers.

Masatoshi Takeshita
March 13, 2013

photo from Wikipedia

Excerpt from a Japanese article: Foreign News Never Covered by Media – February 25, 2013 –

(Excerpts from the above text)

Paul Craig Roberts

Did you know that the latest big business is killer robots?  Not only drones that can be insect size and lethal, but also Terminator-type machines that will have the power to decide who lives and dies. --------- 

The US government no longer pays any attention to the Geneva Conventions and the international laws once supported by the United States until “the war on terror” took over the government.  The Bush and Obama regimes have eliminated morality from the picture.  Any combatant who surrenders or is captured is likely to be illegally tortured, as all available evidence shows. ----------

----- Professor Noel Sharkey, a robotics and artificial intelligence expert at Sheffield University, says that “in America they are already training more drone pilots than real aircraft pilots.

The majority of Americans have no idea either of the collapse of morality that the Bush and Obama regimes have achieved or of the dark abyss that awaits them. --------------

----------- They can’t see anything as more important than sports contests or NASCAR races, or hot to arrange financing for the purchase of whatever it is that they regard as the need of the moment.

The cast bulk of the American population is completely capable of losing every civil right without ever knowing that they have lost the rights.

It is really extraordinary that it only took Bush and Obama ten years to destroy the US Constitutio, the basis for our civil existence.

Will Congress give the next president the title of Augustus?
Paul Craig Roberts is the former Assistant Secretary of the Treasury and a former co-editor for the Wall Street Journal.  He is also a former columnist for the Business Week, Scripps Howard News Service and Creators Syndicate.  He taught at many universities.  His internet column is being read by many supporters across the world.

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