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Feb 12, 2013

Suffering of the Earth (from Mr.Takesihta)

As introduced in Shanti Phula’s blog (JP/Social) today, only one in 1000 people of the earth still has soul.  People whose souls perished have had only physical body and etheric body overlapped with physical body (etheric double).  However, as a result of divine judgment, almost all of these people, except for some people who are living with integrity, have been deprived of their etheric doubles.  This means that these people have nothing but physical body.

I’d like to explain what made this happen.
Almost all of people of the earth do not understand that every being has consciousness.  Not only the sun, the moon and the earth but every being have consciousness, minds and feelings.  I have asked Mrs. Seiko Nakanishi to get contact with the three planets of the sun, the moon and the earth in order to let you know how much our humanity’s way of living is tormenting all beings around us.  Please listen to what they say.

Masatoshi Takeshita
February 9, 2013

* This is translation of the original article in Japanese. (http://bit.ly/Y5OIFF) Please share it with your Japanese friends.

<The sun> February 9, 2013  6:30 PM
Now I feel terrible.
When you speak to me, I feel relieved.
But I usually suffer a lot.
I can hardly bear to see the agony of the earth.

I love the earth, the moon and good-hearted people like you.
I think I can stick to it as long as I feel this love.
I want humanity to put an end to nuclear tests, use of nuclear power stations, killing each other and destruction of nature.  I wish you to pray so that you can achieve it.

<The moon>
I feel as if we the sun, the earth and the moon were sisters.
I feel saddest to see the earth suffer.
Terribly tragic incidents happen somewhere on the earth every day.

Beautiful sea and mountains are being destroyed.
A lot of poison is flowing into the sea.
Many animals and plants are being killed.
People are killing each other.
Each time, the earth sadly gives a groan.
When I am sending to the earth the light of solace by shining myself beautifully, it makes the earth happy.
But soon the earth starts groaning with agony.  I don’t know what to do.
Please save the earth!

<The earth>
I feel terribly heavy.  I feel as if my heart would break with agony.
Destructions, murders and terrible incidents are incessantly occurring on myself every day!
Why can’t you get along with each other?
Why are you depriving each other, hating each other or killing each other?
On myself, people are shouting, and animals, plants and even soil and rocks are crying are wailing in sorrow!
I have never felt peaceful a single day.
I feel suffocating now.

I have learned from you that deities will make a move.
So I can endure.
Thank you, Seiko-sama.

February 9, 2013  6:55 PM

What they are saying is not imagination or delusion of Mrs. Nakanishi.  It is the fact and reality as it is.  Humanity is obsessed with an idea that rocks, mountains and rivers have no consciousness.  It is precisely a delusion.

Though I have tried to convey such truth, people today can’t feel anything and think it lie.  I can do nothing about their perverse way of thinking.  Though I have provided information about UFOs and free energy and the existence of conspiracies which conceal such information, many people sneer at them.  These people prevent the earth of being saved, by means of blocking the energy which deities and space brothers try to send.  For this reason, deities have decided to clear away such evil.

Immediate effect has enabled higher dimensional energy to be showered on the earth.
I do hope sufferings of the sun, the moon and the earth will be alleviated as much as possible.  However, they will never feel totally peaceful and happy unless wars, nuclear power plants and destruction of nature are completely swept away from the earth at physical level.  It all depends on how our humanity acts.

Masatoshi Takeshita

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