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Feb 16, 2013

[Shinshu-no-Izumi] Look straight at Korea’s economy with prosperous big corporations and common people at the brink of freezing death

I have called globalism economic colonialism so far.  Reading this article, you will understand it very well.  Their next target is Japan and they simultaneously aim to collapse South Korea that is almost dead in order to unite with North Korea.  A fake Jewish country will be created.

Masatoshi Takeshita
February 9, 2013

Slums of the outskirts of Paris (photo from teamliquid.net)

English translation of an excerpt from a Japanese article: February 8, 2013 -

Look straight at Korea’s economy with prosperous big corporations and common people at the brink of freezing death

Korea’s economy, which has been under the control of IMF, globalism personified, seems to be driven into a miserable situation, where exporting big companies taken over by international financial mafia are prospering and common people are going to die in indignation.

In Japan true situation of common people in Korea has never been reported.   If the Abe administration should place a person with philosophy like Mr. Heizo Takenaka in the center of policy making or appoint him as the Governor of Bank of Japan, our country would be thrown headlong into the rough sea of global economy and the country would get bankrupt in a short time.

Probably only part of truth of U.S.-Korea FTA is available to Japan.  Japan has a pressing big problem of TPP.  I really feel it important to protect the country from a trend leading to national ruin by learning a lesson from Korea.

(I will post astonishing part of the reality which a son of Mr. Hiroya Oki heard and saw below.)

Sorry to tell you my personal matter, but my son, who was a struggling actor and model and in a dead end situation, went to Seoul with an aim to be a male version of Ms. Yuko Fueki, a popular Japanese actor in Korea.  While being enrolled at the same university where she studied, he had spent four and a half years from the year-end of 2007 living in Korea and getting involved in “Korean dramas.”  I had chatted via Skype with my son about life in general, mainly life in Seoul twice a year.  At first, I was not able to believe what he had talked.

“Workers of Seoul City Office are very busy removing the bodies of homeless people who are frozen to death every morning in winter.  Subway stations in Seoul are flooded with beggars and homeless people.”

In Korea with no national health program or social welfare system, sickness or unemployment means descent into beggars or death.  In wintertime the coldest temperature drops to minus 20 degrees Celsius.

“In Seoul, you cannot live in a decent house even at the cost of 100,000 yen.  Unless you can post the deposit of nearly 10 million yen, you have to live in a prefabricated house built in the basement or on the rooftop.  A part-time worker, who has to wait his turn for a job, is paid about 250 yen per hour.”

Probably, at the time of IMF ado real estate in Korea was bought up by foreign capitalists and some rich people with special privileges.

“My acquaintance who has been working for KBS cannot buy a house.  KBS is a Korean version of NHK.  It is operated by foreign money, so Korean employees have to work at terribly low pay.”

This is also the result of the buyout of corporate stocks at the trough by foreign money at the time of IMF ado.  This has already been reality in Japan, too, from 2003.

“In our university, only one of ten students can get a job after graduation.  So, young people have no other choice but to go out of the country.  Four Koreans I have made friends with here have all immigrated to Hong Kong, Canada, Singapore and Japan.
Girls have no job but prostitutes.”

If the number of non-regular employees tops 50 percent, young people will start leaving the country and perhaps national meltdown will start.  This situation reminds me of the course of events seen in Latin American countries in the latter half of 1900s, where national wealth had completely been robbed of.

“Collapse of a nation is terrible.  In the recent incident of North Korean artillery attack on Yeonpyeongdo  island, Korean troops fired back in vain.  It is said here in Korea that soldiers with weakened morale had cold feet.”

We have to remember that with the destruction or collapse of a nation, troops are sure to become a ragtag team of defeated soldiers even if their mental strength is boasted of.  It is impossible to wage desperate war.  Every history of warfare teaches us that people who loudly cried for war were the first to run away weak-kneed.

“In Korea, a complete colonial country, the old have no other choice but to die without eating.  In Korea there is a Korean dried laver roll store called “Kinpap Heaven,” a counterpart of beef bowl restaurant in Japan.  The old sharing one dried laver roll among the three there is a common scene.

Approximately 100 yen roll is shared among the three!  They seem to fill their stomach with kimchi, Korean pickle, which they can eat as they like, and with soup.  It is called ‘A dried laver roll’ equivalent to ‘A bowl of Japanese noodles’ among Japanese.”
How miserable situation!  However, it is likely that our country will also be in such a situation in ten or twenty years though we think that it is impossible.  We have to watch out.  Idleness is the devil’s workshop.

As for information in Korea, it is most terrifying that such miserable state of the country has never been reported in Japan.  I guess that probably correct information has been completely blocked and tactfully replaced with false information.

A prime example is the coverage that Korean business people arrogantly said that Korean technology has surpassed that of Japan.

Korea, which has been voraciously eaten up by vultures, has already been half-dead a little earlier.  Vultures will never let their next target Japan see its near-future self.

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