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Feb 9, 2013

[Oh, Alas!] Who is Obama?

After reading this article, people who think in dualistic terms may think that Obama who dislikes wars is a hero or light angel.  Far from it, he is a NOW promoter.  Though he abhors wars, he seems to love killing with pilotless drones those who he does not like.  This is a battle between the warmonger (the neoconservative) and an anti-warmonger (Obama).  However, it is just like a battle between mafia and yakuza and neither is righteous.  Evil groups will destroy each other.

Masatoshi Takeshita
February 5, 2013

English translation of a Japanese article: “Oh, Alas!” – February 4, 2013 –

Who is Obama?

Until recently, Prime Minister Abe was said to visit the U.S. within January.  It seems that he was rejected by the country.
No future schedule has been determined.
Who is behind Abe?
Abe who took back power by election fraud is completely under the thumb of U.S. warmongers who practiced election fraud.
Abe is no different from Noda.

Behind the warmongers is David Rockefeller.
David Rockefeller has already fallen from power.
It appears that Obama was elected to the second-term president with support from the Rothschild.  He clearly shows himself to be an anti-warmonger.
Obama seemingly does not want to meet with Mr. Abe.  He thinks that he has to keep a distance from Abe who unlawfully grabbed the power away from the JDP with support from U.S. warmongers.

Such blatant intervention in Japan’s politics by U.S. warmongers indicates that the U.S. has got cornered.  And yet, some foolish politicians still flatter the U.S.  What shameful traitors they are!

U.S. President Obama has recommended Chuck Hagel as Secretary of Department of Defense and Jon Brennan as CIA Secretary.  This Obama’s personnel selection is characterized by recruitment of people who were placed in unduly low positions due to their criticism on the Bush administration when the Republican Party led by Bush took power.

Secretary State Clinton and Attorney General Holder are likely to resign from office.  Treasury Secretary Geithner is also expected to resign from office after completion of the second-term Obama administration.  All warmongers will be swept out.

It is hardly possible that Obama who kept a distance from warmongers will meet with Abe who still obey them.
I suspect that many people think it strange that New York Times criticizes Abe.
It may be U.S. warmongers that plan to oust Obama.

The reality is that warmongers who remain influential in the Far East try to encourage North Korea to cause a war by all means.

There is an article “WikiLeaks Discloses!   Mr. Ozawa Rejects Demand of U.S.!  U.S. Decides to Topple Ichiro Ozawa!” posted in a blog ‘Ashura.’
Needless to say, the U.S. does think so.
I wish for politicians who never betray our country.
Mr. Ozawa, I wish you would stick to it.

However, Japan’s mass media won’t report on any characteristics of the second-term Obama administration.

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