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Feb 8, 2013

[Mr. Naoto Amaki] Mr. Masaru Sato Speaks out on Intelligence Information #Algeria

See? I told you that the Mossad is involved with the hostage-taking incident in Algeria.
Although the Mossad got information about this incident, had the intelligence agencies of the U.S., the U.K. and France grasped nothing about it?
Whichever way we look at it, they had terrorists provoke the incident.

Masatoshi Takeshita
February 3, 2013

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English translation of an excerpt from a Japanese article: Blog of Amaki Naoto – February 3, 2013 –

Mr. Masaru Sato Speaks out on Intelligence Information

The Verification Committee on the Terrorist Incident against the Japanese Nationals in Algeria has been established and the Committee says that it will release verification results within February.

One of the most important matters to be verified is undoubtedly how much degree of information about the risk of the late incident the Japanese government and the Foreign Ministry had got in advance.

Mr. Satoru Sato, a former senior analyst of the Foreign Ministry, spoke out in the February 15 issue of Weekly Friday, now on sale, on the following astonishing information about this important verification matter.

According to Mr. Sato, immediately before the late hostage incident, a former executive of intelligence agency of a certain country in Middle East had contact with Mr. Sato to give him a warning about it.

Incidentally, Mr. Sato says that the country is “a certain country, not Islamic state.”  He always uses such ambiguous expressions.  Why doesn’t Mr. Sato clearly express “Israel”?  It is well known among people who know him that Mr. Sato has been deeply connected with the Mossad, intelligence agency of Israel.

In any case, according to Mr. Sato, the informer said as follows:

Masaru, a serious affair is taking place in Algeria.  The Japanese government does not understand it.  Since the collapse of the military administration of Libya, a group of militants have been coming and going around the border between Algeria and Libya.  This is completely different from the situation in the past.  It is almost a myth that Japanese are never targeted.  Japanese firms that do businesses in areas where there are Islamic terrorist as well as their employees are seriously threatened to be targeted.  They should recognize this.”

Mr. Sato continues to say:

“Before contacting with me, probably the Mossad had worked to contact with high officials of the Japanese governments.  However, slow responses of the Japanese government apparently irritated the former executive.

If what is written by Mr. Sato himself in the article of Friday is the fact, it turns out that the Japanese government did not make use of the information provided by the Mossad.

And, if Mr. Sato had sensed that the contact from the Mossad was unusual, as he writes in the article, he should have warned the Foreign Ministry about it.

Even if Mr. Sato has been at odds with the Ministry, there must have been many ways available to let the Ministry know it.

Mr. Sato also cannot escape from his own responsibility.

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