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Feb 4, 2013

[Mr. Julian Assange] WikiLeaks Release 1.0 with Japanese subtitles

When watching this video, you will clearly understand that Mr. Julian Assange is really a sincere person.  He talks about the European strategy paper by the European Union Institute for Security Studies at 04:40-07:50 and about the unconventional warfare manual released by the U.S. Special Forces at 08:15.  As for an article about Afghanistan posted yesterday, it is a grand plot by Zbigniew Brzezinski who meditated to drive the USSR to intervene in Afghanistan in order to ravage and overthrow the USSR.  I am fed up with many fools who despise such important information as conspiracy theory and never examine it by themselves without giving serious thought to it.
Not only our life but future of the earth depend on how we should address such information.  We should be more serious.  Fools who always criticize what others say to show off themselves ought, above all things, to firmly confirm the truth of anything.

Masatoshi Takeshita
January 29, 2013

Excerpt from a Japanese article: Monju Bosatsu – January 29, 013 –

WikiLeaks Release 1.0 with Japanese subtitles (2/7)

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