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Feb 18, 2013

[Mr. Ichiro Iiyama] Story I want to tell to you casually - the Underside of China

I am grateful for Mr. Iiyama who has given this kind of information.
I suspect there is got to be a catch to the Tiananman Square incident and the issue of Tibbet, but I know no specific facts about these issues.  So Mr. Iiyama’s information is quite helpful.  Although I am a political layman, I can sense the vibration of people.  If Hu Jintao, Xi Jinping and Li Koquiang had instructed to oppress Tibetans, they should have lost their souls long time ago.  Therefore, I suppose that such oppression was done by the Jiang Zeming group, who would be badly damaged by “realization of constitutional government” and “eradiation of corruption,” which Mr. Xi Jinping has intensified focus on.  For people who know much about politics, this may be common knowledge.  But I have no material that supports validity of my guess.

Masatoshi Takeshita
February 11, 2013

English translation of an excerpt from a Japanese article: Ichiro Iiyama’s LittleHP – February 10, 2013 –

Story I want to tell to you casually

I have whimsically posted the following writing on a bulletin board.
I am uploading it here, too in the hope that certain someone would read it.

There are millions of pet dogs that beg for money the U.S. and U.K. warmonger, in Waitan, China.
George Soros and others were robbed of as much as JPY ten hundreds of millions such people had.
Soros was a mastermind behind the Tiananman Square incident but recently has mess up in Russia and China.
Putin detected all Soros’s conspiracies and issued an arrest order for him.  Soros seemingly begged M16 to help him.

Recently, according to rumor,
“As U.S. neocons have threatened Chinese VIPs with freezing their overseas assets, China will eventually be unable to take action about the Senkaku Iskands issue.”
I hear that the information source is an intellectual I admire.

VIPS of Chinese government, especially those of the Princelings have made “vaults for gold ingots” deep in the Qin Mountains, where military forces are closely guarding the vaults as well as missiles and nuclear weapons.

In anticipation of U.S. extortion of assets from Chinese, they have worked out how to protect the assets.
If Americans see Chinese as a pushover, they will be sniffed at in the same way as old woman Hillary.

There was George Soros behind the Tiananman Square incident!
If you understand this story, you would see the “true nature of Emperor’s visit to China” after the incident.
You will not be able to see it because “common sense” gets in the way.

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