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Feb 6, 2013

[Kaleidoscope] It is predicted that if a gun control bill is legislated, an economic collapse will come soon

If gun control is legislated, it turns out that a revolution in the U.S. is only a matter of time.
If so, how is Japan going to respond to?

Masatoshi Takeshita
February 1, 2013

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English translation of an excerpt from a Japanese article: Kaleidoscope – February 1, 2013 –

It is predicted that if a un control bill is legislated, it is likely that economic collapse will come soon.

It appears that probably the Japanese media purposely won’t report on the poverty in the U.S, which is proceeding at breakneck speed.

In the U.S. with a population of three hundred million, 50 million people depend on food stamps and a quarter of children take nutrition by use of food stamps.

The U.S. government is making preparations in many ways on the premise that upon an economic collapse, civil riots will be unavoidable.

As for the American people, they are rushing to buy guns just in case of an economic collapse.

In the whole of 2011, 11.8 million guns, a record high, were sold.
The number of guns American bought in the whole of 2011 is more than that of guns active soldiers of the world’s largest 14 troops have.

What will happen if internal insurrections break out?
Even state troopers, military forces and FEMA would not be able to compete with them.

Obama who dislikes bloodshed and wars (he seems to abhor them) has to halt an economic collapse at all costs until the government deprives the people of military-style assault weapons.

The government has barely sustained the national finance by repeatedly manipulating to raise the debt ceiling as the State.  However, the next debt ceiling will be raised in three or four months, in two months at the earliest.
The U.S. is pressuring Japan to buy U.S. national bonds equivalent to 50 trillion yen.

If Japan does not participate in the TPP negotiation talks, the U.S. might be changed.
The U.S. has no other choice but to survive a crisis with the help of Japan’s wealth, though Americans’ pride does not let.  It was the case in the past and will it be so during the remaining period of time.

Obama has declared to have a gun control bill legislated by issuing the Presidential decree without congressional discussion.  It means that when the bill is legislated, Washington will no longer take any measures for survival to prolong an economic collapse.

Americans should find out the true identity of Obama, a rare actor.

So should Japanese politicians.

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