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Feb 27, 2013

[Cocolog Satoko’s Blog] Japan’s Media Receives Notification of Acceptance as Slave!

I was surprised at this article.  The phrases described in red letters sound true.  However, you need not fear anything.  Deities are watching over all earthlings.  Above all, they read my comments on the articles I introduce here, every day without fail.
The incidence of meteorite explosion in the air over Urals should make you understand that deities and alien species have far more advanced scientific capabilities.  You are advised not to fight a losing battle.

Masatoshi Takeshita
February 22, 2013

English translation of an excerpt from a Japanese article: Cocolog Satoko’s Blog – February 22, 2013 –


Japan’s Media Receives Notification of Acceptance as Slave!

You did well!

You’ve been accepted as a slave.

I hear that a censorship section controlled by CIA, which not only censors programs but gives instructions, has been created on the NHK premises.

U.S. Defense Department censors information on the NHK premises.

Originally, Japan’s mainstream media have a lot of problems.
When I got in contact with my old friend, a NHK reporter, he gave an astonishing remark, lowering his voice.
“In fact, around two years ago (2010 at that time) a secret department attached to Pentagon (U.S. Defense Department) was created on the NHK premises, where “censorship” has been exercised.”

According to him, there are two ways of censorship:  one is to disclose the kind of news that is threatened to lead to anti-U.S. sentiment and the other is to aggressively “report” the kind of information that is intended to damage the images of anti-U.S. politicians and celebrities.
NHK is the most important news media to Japanese, and it is a public broadcast station to which viewers pay a viewing fee.
Such NHK is being “censored” by intelligence agents of U.S. Pentagon to manipulate public opinion.

-End of Citation-

It is a well-known fact that many thoughtful people had tried on the Internet to call for the public to watch out and protect themselves since the Fukushima nuclear power plant accident on March 11, 2011.
However, most of their efforts have wound up with nothing.
They often said that when they let people know the danger of radioactivity, they were considered to be crazy.
Most people had believed without a doubt what TV stations and newspapers reported.
I knew it by hearsay that many people had placed complete reliance on whatever NHK reported.
Although calling for the public to watch out the risk of exposure to radiation, they were completely ignored.
The answer was: “NHK has never reported such a story.  Don’t give me a strange tale.”
This is an excellent example of distortion in human consciousness; many years of brainwashing with false information will result in such state of mind.
On the following day of March 11, 2011, people didn’t talk about the catastrophe of earthquake and tsumai in Fukushima and Miyagi  Prefectures in the smoking room of a company, but they talked about “AKB or something like that.”
During a few weeks after that, nobody mentioned the slightest topic of radiation.
This is the reality.
In the media world, when some conscientious peopple happen to appear now and then, they are immediately eradicated.
NHK is no exception.

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