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Jan 22, 2013

[Study on “Japanese”] Shale Gas Revolution and Future of American-type Market Fundamentalism!

Undoubtedly, this world is controlled by the insane.  Such people, who think nothing of death of other people or destruction of environment as long as they can make money, are owners of big corporations.  They try to put politicians under their thumbs and have such politicians make laws convenient to them in order to make profits from exploiting ordinary people.  A nation gets to use taxpayers’ money for their big corporations.
In a word, in the term of globalism, politicians and bureaucrats are servants who work for owners of big corporations to control the public and collect tax from them.  Tax money is used for such owners.  In fact, it is used to bail out major banks.

Masatoshi Takeshita
January 16, 2013

English translation of an excerpt from a Japanese article: Study on “Japanese”! – January 14, 2013 –

Shale Gas Revolution and Future of American-type Market Fundamentalism!

Global trend towards for natural gas will serve as a tail wind for denuclearization.

I have had high hopes for shale gas revolution, which will lead to realization of denuclearization.

A few days ago, I happen to know there was a special program on shale gas on NHK and saw the program titled “Big Energy Revolution – Japan’s Resource Strategy at a Crossroad.”

While I was watching it, I turned white.

This is tantamount to suicide by the U.S. and humanity.

I wonder if the U.S. has no geologist or specialist on water quality.

Humanity should be more aware of the preciousness of “water.”

The earth, which is called “planet of water,” believed to be abundant in water, but 97.2 percent is sea water.

Fresh water accounts for only less than 3 percent.
Most of fresh water is groundwater.

This technology of extracting shale gas will undoubtedly drastically destroy a trace amount of groundwater.

With this technique, amazingly high and chemical-containing water pressure is applied on the firm ground which forms geological strata to create fractures, from where shale gas is extracted together with the water.

To extract shale gas over a wide range of areas, the ground is horizontally drilled deeper and deeper and hydraulic pressure is applied to destroy it.

Examination shows that it is likely that water quality has already been polluted.

Chemical-containing water is used voluminously.

Additionally, water pumped up from the ground contains organic compounds such as methane.

They say it is quite difficult even to treat such compounds.

What will happen to the groundwater in the world?

We are already worried about water shortage in the world. Such suicidal action like being haunted by something is going to be carried out everywhere in the world.

Widespread use of shale gas will rapidly bring about a crisis of shortage in water and food.

Groundwater pollution cannot be recovered so easily.

Japan’s mountain forests, source of beautiful water, might have been bought up not by China but by American corporations.

Some says that the next world war will break out due to “competition for water.”  It is getting a grip on reality.

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