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Jan 14, 2013

[Soon Northern Wind Will Blow] Entertainers and Highly-Educated People, Proponents of Nuclear Power, Flocking around TEPCO

At present, deities are watching over all people and checking action of each individual.
It is only one sincere person among 1000 people that can survive.
Fools who have been sorted out will suffer a miserable end.
This is no joke.  CIA staffers, you know that many of your colleagues are actually missing, don’t you?

Masatoshi Takeshita
January 10, 2013

English translation of an excerpt from a Japanese article: Soon Northern Wind Will Blow – January 7, 2013 –

Entertainers and Highly-Educated People, Proponents of Nuclear Power, Flocking around TEPCO

Highly-educated people, who are supporters of nuclear power, electric companies and related organizations have been utilizing many celebrities as billboards to get publicity for “safety” of nuclear power and improve its image.

In what way has the Federation of Electric Power Companies (FEPCO) led by TEPCO bought up public opinion by using a huge amount of money?  In what way have easy-going entertainers and highly-educated people made the safety myth of nuclear power known to the public?

One example is a case of Antonio Inoki who gave support to a candidate in Aomori gubernatorial election. According to the book “Desperate Confession of Secretary of Diet Member” (published by Kodanshan) by Kumiko Sato, a former secretary of Inoki, at first Inoki intended to support a candidate, an advocate of suspension of nuclear power use, who had asked Inoki to support him in exchange of a 1.5 million yen reward.  And then, however, the FEPCO, which was behind another candidate, an advocate of promotion of nuclear power use, offered to pay him 100 million yen.  Inoki quickly paid back 1.5 million yen to the former candidate to switch over to the latter candidate.

This is a dirty trick as if a cheek were flapped with a bundle of notes.  Even Jinzaburo Takagi, a diehard opponent of nuclear power, was done this trick on.

Takagi’s “I Live as Citizen Scientist” (published by Iwanami Shinso) reads that he was asked by a chief editor of a nuclear power information magazine to preside over an energy policy study group as the editor had 300 million yen offered.  Takagi noted that “300 million yen would be worth around 10 billion yen in today’s currency.”  The amount 100 million yen offered to Inoki would be manyfold as high now.

Tale-bearers of Safety Myth of Nuclear Power Plants

I criticized Main Kouda, a writer, for working cooperatively for an electric company ad.  She justified herself by saying that she had not received much money.

She also becomes a member of NHK management committee probably due to Heizo Takenaka’s recommendation.  The writer who has no philosophy is very convenient to the electric company as an ornament.

Susumu Nishibe, a critic, was invited to a symposium sponsored by an electric company and said that scientifically speaking, there is no absolute guarantee of safety of nuclear power plants.  He says with a laugh that he has never been invited again since then.

In a word, nuclear power supporter entertainers and highly-educated people who are invited by electric companies are considered to be people who are believers of “absolute safety.”

The biggest tale-bearer of safety myth is Kenshi Hirokane, a cartoonist, followed by Kenichi Mogi and Takeshi Yorou, who have gained publicity as brain scientists.

Yorou is an author of a bestselling book “The Walls of Fools.”  I suspect that he himself is “the wall of fool.”  As for Hirokane, he drew illustrations of you-know-Kousaku Shima for “Evening paper Fuji” on March 19, in which he sent to the afflicted people and workers at Fukushima nuclear power plants a message “Please never give up and do get through a difficult situation.”

However, “cheers” of Hirokane, who has trumpeted the safety of nuclear power plants, simply make the people evacuated from Fukushima nuclear power plants feel like vomiting.

Unbelievably abusive remarks of Takeshi

Kazuyo Katsuma appeared on a live TV show “Live TV until the morning!” at the end of March and said that there is more coverage on the nuclear power plant accident than on the earthquake, which became a controversial issue.  She also appeared in a commercial for Chubu Electric Company.
She has revealed her true character.  Far more sinful than nuclear entertainers in recent years are so-called “forerunners” such as Kenichi Omae, Taichi Sakaiya and Beat Takeshi (Takeshi Kitano).  Well, Katsuma respects Omae and has aimed to be “female Omae.”  As for Takeshi, his brother Masaru Kitano and his disciples Asakusa Kids are also proponents of nuclear power plants.

Although he is a comedian, we cannot laugh with Takeshi’s remarks now after the nuclear power plant accident due to the earthquake.

In the 2010 June issue of “Shincho 45” Takeshi repeatedly has a talk with Shunsuke Kondo (emeritus professor of Tokyo University), chairman, Atomic Energy Commission, where Takeshi makes unbelievably abusive remarks.

“People who criticize nuclear power plants quickly say “what will happen if an earthquake breaks out and nuclear reactor is destroyed.”  This means that conversely, electric companies should be more careful about nuclear power plants than about any other facility so that they can endure possible earthquakes.  Therefore, if an earthquake breaks out, it is safest to run to a power plant (laugh).  However, wolf criers who give a cry against “danger” of new technology are received more well by the media.”  Why didn’t Takeshi give a try to assure whether he was “well received” or not?

If he thinks that a power plant is the safest place to run to, Takeshi had better run to the nuclear power plant in Fukushima now.  Kondo, who is supposed to be an expert, gave a terrible response, but it is impossible to restrain Takeshi from going out of control.  The following remarks he gave make me completely speechless.

“Some people still oppose to nuclear power plants, but such people never say that we should not take a ride in a car in view of annual death toll from traffic accidents.  This is because it is convenient to use a car.  Although we tend to mention only risks of nuclear power plants, actually we live in the society filled with more danger.  The odds are far greater that we would be stabbed by a pervert (laugh).

I was surprised to see Antonio Inoki appear in a CM for Japan Advertising Council or AC, which was suddenly often seen, and warn against being deceived by erroneous information.

They Have No skill to Sell, So Sell Themselves

Kiyoshi Nakahata, a native of Fukushima, who appeared in a CM for TEPCO, says that he has been deceived by TEPCO.  It made me laugh.  Unlike Tsunehiko Watase, Ryoko Moriyama and Kumiko Okae, entertainers, and Senichi Hoshino, a baseball player, Haruo Kitamura and Hiroko Sumita, lawyers, who appear on a TV program “Law Centers with many people queuing up,” Sakuji Yoshimura, a university professor, Hisayuki Miyake, a self-claimed pundit, Jin Kusano, Eiko Oya and Hiroko Kiba who identifies herself as a newscaster are far more sinful.

Although Kumi Fujisawa, an investment consultant, often appears in an advertisement for FEPCO in a weekly magazine “Bungei Shunju,” she says that she’ like to “hold from making a comment” on nuclear power plants.

There was a period when it was the spirit of geisha to sell skill but not chastity.  I wonder if “nuclear geishas” listed here have sold their chastity because they had no skill to sell.  They have no sense of shame.  In addition, there are 180 entertainers who appeared in a CM for nuclear power.  Most of them are entertainers.

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