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Jan 29, 2013

[Shinshu no Izumi] Mr. Kazuhide Uekusa Sheds Light on True Darkness of Postal Privatization led by Mr. Heizo Takenaka!!

What a piercing analysis!  It shows that Mr. Kazuhide Uekusa has brilliant insight.  In association with the part shown in red at the last paragraph of this article, the media immediately quote Vice Prime Minister Aso saying that “(Old men) should die nice and quick,” which might be a plot to cut off Mr. Aso.

Masatoshi Takeshita
January 24, 2013

 English translation of an excerpt from a Japanese article: Shinshu no Izumi – January 20, 2013 –

Mr. Kazuhide Uekusa Sheds Light on True Darkness of Postal Privatization led by Mr. Heizo Takenaka!!

According to Mr. Uekusa, the “postal privatization” practically led by Mr. Heizo Takenaka is the confiscation of massive assets of the public Japan Post holds.  On the Internet and in many writings, light has been shed on the confiscation of enormous amount of postal funds “JP Bank” and “JP Insurance” hold, by foreign capitalists.

Surprisingly, however, Mr. Uekusa points out that the U.S. targets the confiscation of not only postal funds but enormous amounts of real estate Japan Post holds.  For details, I want you to read his mail magazine.  After reading the magazine, I shuddered to learn the fact.  Mr. Uekusa gives a shocking article related to division of JP into four companies.  According to him, the government is planning anew to build up 50 trillion yen of SWF*, which is a U.S. conspiracy of confiscation.

*(Note) SWF : Sovereign Wealth Funds, also called “National Funds”

With regard to division of JP into four companies, which is the focal point of postal privatization, this writer  thought at first (in 2005) this division is “breaking open the doors of a safe” but has yet to understand what sequence will develop.  However, Mr. Uekusa has shown in his mail magazine his astonishing speculation on the intention and progress of this division of four companies.  Mr. Uekusa, in his blog, clearly states that “asset allocation” is a key to the division.

According to him, a plan to privatize postal services (plainly speaking, this plan is an international conspiracy arranged by the U.S. and Japan) has a dual structure.  Mr. Takenaka aims at relocating funds JP Bank and JP Insurance hold and completely disposing super-hot property (prime real estate).

Mr. Uekusa, who penetrated the suspicion of massive financial crime (suspicion of stock price manipulation) involving bailing out failed Resona Bank, has perceived with a keen insight the government’s plot of “postal privatization” quite similar to the suspected insider deal of Resona Bank.  Maybe Mr. Uekusa has threatened to put himself in danger of his life again.  What is written in his mail magazine is so much shocking.

Mr. Uekusa says that we should not overlook the postal privatization, a case of massive payoff which the state got involved with.  This writer feels as if Chief Cabinet Secretary Yoshihide Suga, Chief Cabinet advisor Isao Iijima and Mr. Heizo Takenaka had appeared in the second Abe administration with an aim to complete what the Koizumi administration had left undone.  Undoubtedly, Mr. Heizo Takenaka is manipulated by the CSIS (Center for Strategic and Information Studies).  We cannot rule out the possibility that he will be given a post again to supply the U.S. with all wealth JP holds.  If Mr. Tankenaka should be appointed as Bank of Japan (BOJ) Governor, it is likely that Prime Minister Abe will call BOJ his own in complete disregard for BOJ’s independence, as an extension of the first Abe cabinet (Cabinet of friends).  In such a case, it is most likely that Mr. Takenaka will directly intervene in financial policy-making.

Although Mr. Takenaka expresses opposition to a consumption tax hike, he said: “as long as the prime minister committed to carry out a consumption tax hike, it is highly likely that he will take a political risk if he changes his stance to anti-consumption tax hike.  No doubt, it is highly possible that a consumption tax hike will be carried out.”  Mr. Takenaka says that he is an opponent of consumption tax hike.  I wonder if it is true.  Mr. Takenaka is a genius of supplying foreign capitalists with national wealth.  Therefore, it appears that opposition to consumption tax hike, which has attributes of introduction of foreign capital contradicts his stance.

If Prime Minister Abe should appoint Mr. Takenaka as BOJ governor according to CSIS strategy or replace Mr. Aso as his current post to appoint him as an important post such as deputy prime minister/treasury minister/finance Minister, there is a possibility, as Mr. Uekusa points out in his blog, that the following three operations to confiscate national wealth will be carried out.  As even cabinet shakeup is carried out under the order of the U.S., stubborn cabinet members will be lose their political life.  It is easy for them to create scandals about any minister.  The following is an excerpt from Mr. Uekusa’s blog.

1.     Supply the U.S. with massive capital through manipulating foreign exchange reserve
2.     Plan to supply the U.S. with postal money
3.     Plot for the U.S. to confiscate Japan’s wealth by building up SWF

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