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Jan 12, 2013

[ROCKWAY EXPRESS]Russian Fleet Gathering off Syria to Contain the West #Syria

Surprisingly, such an important piece of news is available only through a blog ROCKWAY EXPRESS.
It is safe to say that this news reflects the strong will of deities “never to have a third world war break out.”  Such is the case with nuclear power plants.  We have to abolish nuclear power plants in this world.  Some people with power will in vain to stick to struggle against this movement.
If they don’t want to be destroyed, all they can do is to stay clear of evil.

Masatoshi Takeshita
January 8, 2013

English translation of an excerpt from a Japanese article: ROCKWAY EXPRESS – January 8,, 2013 –

Russian Fleet Gathering off Syria to Contain the West

Syrian situation seems to be changing.  Three full years will have passed in March this year since Syrian conflicts started.  It was widely believed that Syria would also have changes of government like Tunisia, Egypt and Libya.  However, the Assad regime has still defended his stronghold.  Furthermore, it is likely that the second-term Obama administration is going to initiate a new development to settle Syrian conflicts.

There is a move to deploy Patriot surface-to-air missiles on the border between Turkey and Syria to put a brake on the move of Syrian air forces, while Russia, with marines on board landing craft off Syria, has shown its authority in order to stop Western military intervention.

President Assad gave a speech in Damascus on 6th and made comprehensive proposals for peace, including establishment of a national charter to end the civil wars, establishment of a new government under a new constitution and holding a free election.  These proposals, which the Assad regime has promoted, are not new.  However, international media have covered them for the first time.  In a word, he has proposed that every issue be decided “through dialogue” and the proposals aim to ward off insurgents who watch for an opportunity to topple the regime by military power.

 President Assad speaks against a Syrian national flag 
composed of pictures of 12,000 martyrs

And here, Thierry Meyssan, a French journalist, says that President Obama has decided to have David  Petraeus, commanding general of U.S. Central Command, step down, bring up the Geneva treaty together with Russia to settle the Syrian issue, and simultaneously abandon Free Syrian Army, dissident armed insurgents.

Thierry Meyssan says that Syrian Free Army has been abandoned by the U.S.

And, President Obama reportedly tries to appoint Chuck Hagel as a new Secretary of Defense by all means.  As I already mentioned about this person in the article “Chuck Hagel Most Suitable for New U.S. Secretary of Defense” in this blog posted on December 26 last year, he is a person who opposes to wanton intervention to foreign countries by the U.S.  It is safe to say that he has his political stance completely different from Petraeus.  Petraeus is a neo-conservative and warmonger.

Therefore, judging from the entire movement so far, it is highly likely that Syrian conflicts will end without overturn of the Assad regime.  This accords with what this writer showed in “Coups and Anti-coupsin Washington” in this blog posted on December 26, 27 and 28.  It shows that with the start of President Obama’s second term, U.S. is switching over its diplomacy.

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