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Jan 11, 2013

[Nikkan Gendai] Prime Minister Visits U.S. With Present

We have to bear looking at this rotten face for a while.

Masatoshi Takeshita
January 5,, 2013

English translation of a Japanese article: Nikkan Gendai – January 4, 2013 –

Prime Minister Visits U.S. With Present

Purchase of Osprey Priced 10 Billion Yen per Aircraft – Don’t be Silly!

There is a danger that death toll would rise.  It is almost certain to equip the Japan’s Self-Defense Forces with Ospreys, defective helicopters used by the U.S. forces.  The Self Defense Forces has decided to make a budgetary request of 10 million yen of “investigation expenses” for the 2013 budget.  If “investigation expenses” are accepted, it is certain that the Osprey will be adopted some day in the future.

However, the “Osprey” is a defective aircraft which has caused many accidents, resulting in a heavy death toll.  And yet, it costs as much as 10 billion yen per aircraft.  Why do we have to pay enormous amount of money to the U.S. in order to purchase them?  This is obviously a “present” with which Prime Minister Abe will visit to the U.S. in the middle of January.

“Every Japanese prime minister’s visit to the U.S. used to be poked fun of as ‘sankin koutai’* and he always brought some present with him every time he visited it.  Prime Minister Abe are going to make the purchase of the Osprey his present.  It is certain that the U.S. will be delighted.  It is said that the U.S. has spent $2 trillion developing the Osprey.  It is their real intention to have other countries purchase Ospreys to recoup the development costs as much as possible.  With the sale of one Osprey, the U.S. not only gets 10 billion yen but makes a great deal of money due to a combined sale with its operating system.”  (Mr. Tetsuo Maeda, a military commentator)

*(Note) alternate attendance to the capital by a daimyo in Edo period

It is possible to have Japan purchase at least 12 aircrafts.  However, Prime Minister Abe is going to purchase defective helicopters by using Japanese taxpayers’ money to please President Obama.  By no means!

“Prime Minister Abe tries to be bossy but weak-kneed to the U.S.  He is a typical person obedient to Washington to gain its favor.  To my astonishment, the foreign policy the prime minister has set is completely the same as a report by the “Heritage Foundation,” a U.S. think tank, without any change.  The Foundation suggests what the U.S. should promote: (1) to have Japan assume greater international services, (2) to have the country increase defending expenditure and (3) to have the country flexibly interpret the right of collective self-defense.  Prime Minister Abe seems to believe that it is enough to curry favor with Washington to maintain the security of his administration,” a person in political circles says.

How can he take responsibility if a dangerous Osprey should crash over the people?  This man is never concerned about the national interest.

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