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Jan 5, 2013

[Mr. Jiro Motozawa] Colossal Japan Colonization by Washington

The Lehman’s fall has destroyed neoliberalism. has already been destroyed.  Near-sighted politicians represented by Obama seem to completely fail to grasp the trend of the times.  Fools will be destroyed in a moment, though they make last-minute fruitless struggle for a while.

Masatoshi Takeshita
January 1, 2013

photo from wikipedia

English translation of an excerpt from a Japanese article: “Media Association” Club Bulletin – January 1, 2013 –

Jiro Motozawa’s “Japan’s Landscape” (1239)

<Colossal covert operation against Japan by Washington>

An unhappy new year 2013 has started.  There are people who enjoy a life like slaves or mistresses, though derogatory expression.  Such people do not always have to be women.

Sly leaders in small countries are willing to be prepared to offer gifts or sacrifices to the great power.  When   a new leader requests an audience with Washington like ‘Sankin Koutai,’* he mentions such gifts secretly to ask it to secure his security and protection.  Japan’s new leader is such a typical example.

(Note) * The system of alternate attendance by a daimyo in Edo period

<Japan colonization policy>

Etsusaburo Shiina, a bureaucrat-turned politician and foreign affair minister, called such Washington “my dear watchdog” and swooned to its feet.  Officials in the foreign ministry spoke highly of Shiina as a “capable foreign minister.”  This proves that Japan is an unhealthy nation.  Smooth words make smooth ways.  It is true that I catch his enthusiasm for becoming a clever mistress and slaver.

Washington, watchdog and lord, has been exclusively waging wars and its financial condition or economy has been impoverished.  For this reason, it starts to operate a colossal colonization policy to wring profit from whomever its close slave and mistress is.

Some conscientious people have appeared before my eyes and taken the trouble to let me know such seemingly false truth.  It is about some confidential information that is available exclusively to people who have worked at core areas of Washington and Tokyo.  Many of their comrades take such top secrets to their graves.  However, a small number of people refuse to do so in Japan.  Top secrets are sure to be disclosed by such people.

There exist honest people.  Some get such secrets down on paper.
Now I can reveal such top secrets about “colossal Japan colonization policy” on January 1, 2013.  I wonder if I have enjoyed a great New Year’s Day.

<Target of TPP>

The liar prime minister pretended to go down on his knees in front of Washington with using TPP as a point of issue in the December 16 general election.  However, what TPP is all about is still uncertain.  Interest of the people was attracted by totally-unrelated issues of the Senkaku, amendment of the Constitution and economy.

However, all concerned who know Washington and Tokyo had already been well informed about it in detail.  Financial clique elite, bureaucratic elite and academic elite had received detailed instructions a long time before.  TPP is a perfectly free trade policy with no tariff barriers imposed and it is also a neoliberalism policy, in which the weak are the victims of the strong.

<TPP covering food, clothing and medical services>

A net has been spread around Japan with Singapore, New Zealand, Mexico and Canada prepared as fishing fries.  What comes to the net is something related to food, clothing and medical services instead of food, clothing and sheltering.

Medical services include everything on human health such as welfare.  It is easy to say, but introduction of TPP would actually bring about disastrous result.

Japan’s agriculture, fishery and food service industry will also be affected by TPP.  TPP will seriously affect food, whose self-sufficiency rate has already been rapidly reduced.

Additionally, arenas of housing, construction, road and bridgework will be besieged.  In comparison with overseas, each cost is absurdly expensive in Japan.  This will make some consumers feel happy but drive many industries into bankruptcy or merger and acquisition.  Industrial arena cannot afford to be easygoing.

In short, Japan will be deprived of the foundation of people’s life.  “TPP is utilized to colonize Japan,” well-informed conscientious specialists have clearly stated.

<Education also targeted>

In the last election, Abe of the LDP made many remarks about educational reform.  So did Nakasone.  Specialists point out that human remodeling is incorporated in TPP operation.

Educational reform to extreme-rightwing bias is also an order from Washington.  It is an educational theory available to Japanese who never think.

<Discrimination against the yellow race>

Japan had already been forced to accept a strong yen resulting from the Nakasone bubble economy.  It had lost its assets equivalent of 1,500 trillion before the country knew it, and encountered the second defeat.  On top of it, they are going to drive Japan into the third defeat by depriving it of foundation of life.

It is said that the same thing will come to the surface in China and ASEAN.  Whys so?  Experts point out that there exists Caucasian discrimination against the yellow race.  Using your head, you will understand why A-bombs were dropped over Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

This is the horrible part of masked American democracy and humanitarianism.  We have to watch it out.  Korea has already been taken over by Washington.  I should be safe and say that such is the case with Taiwan.

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