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Jan 9, 2013

[Mr. Ichiro Iiyama] Tokyo University is Mistress of Nuclear Power Old Man

It appears that the world including Japan will face difficult times.  Mr. Iiyama’s sense of humor is really great.  It is very important in an era of survival to feel relaxed even under a worst-case situation.

Masatoshi Takeshita
January 4, 2013

English translation of a Japanese article: Ichiro Iiyama’s Little HP – January 3, 2013 –

Tokyo University is Mistress of Nuclear Power Old Man

Tokyo Shimbun TOKYO Web

Electricity Industry Contributes JPY 1.7 Billion to 8 National Universities Addressing Nuclear Power Research

Eight national universities including Tokyo University, Tohoku University and Nagoya University engaged in nuclear power-related research had received a total amount of approximately JPY 1.744 billion for five years until FY 2011 from the electricity/nuclear power industry including nuclear fuel processing companies.  This has been revealed on 3rd by each university’s response to Kyodo News Service’s request for information disclosure.

Destination of the contributions the universities accepted was designated.  Most of the contributions went to researchers of nuclear power engineering.

Among them were researchers who participate in the Nuclear Regulation Authority meetings where new safety standards of nuclear power plants are discussed.

“As it threatens to affect national safety control, thorough verification is required,” specialists protest.



Around March 11, 2011, a flood of dubious people called Tokyo University professors appeared on TV programs, and took advantage of authority and said knowingly “Don’t worry!  Our reactor containment vessel is the strongest in the world!” or “Radiation dose is lower than the dose exposed when we make a flight to and from New York!”  They all had received pocket money.  A “bakase”* not “hakase or doctor”, self-claimed graduate of Tokyo University, triumphantly talked a lot with a proud look; “It is OK even to eat radiation! The government talks nonsense.  It is all right to have children live in Iidate village and play in the schoolyard!”

(Note) * the derogatory way of saying ‘hakase’ in Japanese

However, he has lost credibility because what he talked about was too terrible.  I hear that he is making a fuss about filing a defamation suit against me, Ichiro Iiyma to clear his name.  I hope that he will start a suit as soon as possible.

As there are a lot of countermeasures available for me, I want to make a swaggering pose by slandering his “credibility” in court, but rather I want to take vengeance on him for my relatives and friends who have been  exposed to radiation because they believed him.  This is my true feelings. 

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