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Dec 21, 2012

[Terrifying Truth Unknown to Japanese] Unification Church + Soka Gakkai = Coalition Government of LDP and New Komeito

This article was posted in October 2006.  Only now we realize what was written in the article.  Reading the article, everybody must understand the meaning of a landslide victory of LDP and New Komeito in the House of Representatives election.  Incidentally, the people are foolish enough to have made such a choice.

Masatoshi Takeshita
December 17, 2012

English translation of an excerpt from a Japanese article: “Terrifying Truth Unkown to Japanese” – October 25, 2006

Unification Church + Soka Gakkai = Coalition Government of LDP and New Komeito

Mr. Masatomo Yamasaki, former vice chief director of Soka Gakkai who also served as legal advisor, has made an accusation: “Soka Gakkai is not only a religious group.  It is a colossal powerful   conglomerate unique in the world which expands into different areas of politics and economics.  It has mighty power, outstanding financial power and an elite bureaucracy occupied by graduates of Tokyo University and Kyoto University.  Furthermore, it has its own intelligence agency with division units, which have the mission of operating “special activities,” both legal and illegal.  Soka Gakkai has a legal team consisting of over 100 lawyers.  Most of them entered the legal profession after they had been offered special education for gifted children and ingrained with ‘Hail Ikeda!’ since the days of elementary school, junior high school and senior high school.  They put Soka Gakkai profits before order of state law; they don’t care about committing perjury in court.  They put pressure on the police, tactfully lobby prosecutors or judges to favor them, and in some cases bribe an attorney of the adverse party with money.”

Next, I’d like to cite the book “Junichiro and Pathology of Japan” by Hajime Fujiwara.

Soka Gakkai is designated as a cult religious group in France.

At the end of 1996, the administrative court in Paris rendered a decision: “Soka Gakkai makes the best use of commercial activities in the form of magazines, accessories and meetings.  They do business with 50 percent of sales profit rate, using most of its income and they aim to penetrate their activities into public authority.

When Soka Gakkai formed Komeito and went into politics, Soichi Oya (1900-1970) pointed out that “Soka Gakkai has character of fascism.”  Former Prime Minister Kakuei Tanaka criticized Daisaku Ikeda by name, saying “He is Hitler chanting the Lotus Sutra.  He rebuked Soka Gakkai, manipulator of New Komeito, for its organizational character.

Actually, Daisaku Ikeda, at a conference of presidents’ organization in 1972, said, “Now is the time of individualism and liberalism.  Actually, totalitarianism is an ideal system.”  It was around the time that Gakkai launched its activities to “rule the world.”

Thus, Ikeda’s ambition and self-righteousness made Soka Gakkai enhance its image as a cult, deviating from faith.  Soka Gakkai had been excommunicated by Nichiren Shoshu Sect in 1990 and ended up as Ikeka Religion.  Obsessed with “ruling the world”, they ventured into a “total evolution.”

Top-priority targets for total evolution are the Ministry of Justice and Ministry of Foreign Affairs.  One hundred Gakkai members have already become prosecutors.  A quarter of employees of official diplomatic and consulate offices abroad are Gakkai members and the fate of one-third of LDP members is held in Soka Gakkai’s grip.  Beneath them are people of lower-class traditional group.  There are a great number of secret members in the entertainment world and the Self Defense Forces.  Its organizational power is extended over a wide range of fields.

Elite Gakkai members are mainly made officials of the Justice and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and especially remarkably penetrate into the bureaucracy of the Ministry of Justice.  Fifteen prosecutors of Supreme Public Prosecutors’ Office are said to be Gakkai members.  Therefore, LDP members with vested interests who are tainted by patronage get scared in front of the “authority” of the prosecutors who monitor lawmakers tainted by corruption.  This is said to be a reason why LDP sucks around Komeito.

In “Monthly Gendai” (July 2005 issue) is posted an article on a talk between Akira Uozumi, a journalist and   Sadao Hirano, former member of the House of Councilors, entitled “When power yields to religion.”  In the talk Hirano points out terrifying state of affairs as follows:

Hirano: The current LDP/New Komeito coalition government is composed of Prime Minister Koizumi, who excludes flexible conservatives within the LDP from inner circle of government, and New Komeito which tends to get fascistic at once.  This makes the Diet dysfunctional.  If LDL and New Komeito come to an agreement over something, they never let DPJ discuss it because they hold the majority of lawmakers.  Given this situation, Diet members who are supposed to act as a check on the government at the request of the people cannot perform their duties.

Uozumi: Ultimately, the Diet has not function well since the start of LDP/New Komeito coalition government.

Hirano:  Precisely so.  This is a problem.  What worries me most is the possibility that New Komeito will never reflect on what it has done, keep taking this tough line and form a coalition government with Shinzo Abe.

In fact, Soka Gakkai has had close ties to former Prime Minister Nobusuke Kishi since the times of President Josei Toda.  When Mr. Kishi passed away, Seikyo Shimbun reported his death on its front page, even carrying a written memorial.

It is highly likely that Abe, who inherits political DNA of Kishi, will be joined together with Soka Gakkai, which is under the control of Daisaku Ikeda who faithfully observes the will of Josei Toda.  I am worried about it.  Some forces within the country try to manipulate Abe.  If Soka Gakkai joins it, undoubtedly Japan’s democracy will be destroyed.”

And now the situation Mr. Sadao Hirano was worried about has appeared.

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  1. Rubbish....over the years Ikeda and Soka gakkai has proved what they are..