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Dec 24, 2012

[Nikkan Gendai] Immaturity of Japanese Who Worship Junichiro Koizumi, a Fraud

Information from Mr. Masatoshi Takeshita posted on his blog – December 20, 2012 –

Junnichirou Koizumi ^ 
(*fake photo - source unknown)

English translation from a Japanese article: “Hibi Tantan” Document Blog – December 18, 2012 –

Immaturity of Japanese Who Worship Junichiro Koizumi, a Fraud

Koizumi Ranks Second in Questionnaire Survey of “Ideal Leader” for High School Students

High school students today like Junichiro Koizumi.   Such survey result has been released.   When Nagase (Musashino City, Tokyo) operating “Toshin High School,” a prep school for university hopefuls, asked 3,535  high school students in their first to third years about “who is an ideal leader,” Steve Jobs ranked first (with 250 votes), followed by Junichiro Koizumi (226 votes).

Third place went to Ryoma Sakamoto (180 votes), followed by Barack Obama (102 votes) and Abraham Lincoln (96 votes).

I am not satisfied with these results.  Koizumi imposed new liberalism, market fundamentalism and relaxation of regulations on the people after becoming prime minister in 2001, saying “I will destroy the LDP.”  The reason for an increase in the working poor is because the people fell for his propaganda.

So why do the youth in their teens highly evaluate Koizumi?

“Because their parents have no spirit of criticism,” Mr. Shinya Gaku, a sociologist and writer, points out.

It was seven years ago that the Koizumi administration won a big victory in an election held after the House of Councilors was dissolved because the postal privatization bill was rejected in the House.  Seventeen-year-old high school students now were still ten.  At that time their parents praised Koizumi without thinking deeply and frantically supported him.  Then children of such adults got to worship Koizumi under the thumb of them.  They have inherited a negative asset of “uncritical acceptance” and are unconscious of Koizumi’s deceit.  In fact, university students today have weakened spirit of criticism.”

By curious coincidence, the LDP has won a big victory in the House of Representatives election.  Shinzo Abe, president of LDP, has a plot to revise the Article 9 of the Constitution and change the SDF into a “National Defense Force.”  In spite of that, many people have no sense of crisis.

“Parents and children cannot make a connection between different things – it has become difficult for university students to get jobs, for which Koizumi is blamed and it is likely that they will be drafted if Abe should go out of control.  Such people are easily controlled by the policymaker of the day.  “Immaturity” of both parents and children seems to make Japan all the more go headlong into danger.  (Mr. Shinya Gaku)

It is likely that we will see a restoration of the pre-war Dark Ages.

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