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Dec 19, 2012

[Mr. Shinsuke Mizui] Human Being Has Sensory Perception to Sense the Movement of Other Party’s Mind in Some Way

Information from one of our readers, Mr. Prema posted on Shanti Phula blog – December 15, 2012 –

English translation of an excerpt from a Japanese article: Shinsuke Mizui blog How to Make Happy by Purification of Heart – December 13, 2012 –

Martial Art Goes Along With Homeostasis

Human being has sensory perception to sense the movement of other party’s mind in some way.

It might be perception of changes in breathing and movement by acoustic sense or reading of slight changes in facial muscles.  In any case, changes in information at the unconscious level can be sensed by perception.

Martial art is the art you risk your life on.  Therefore, it might seek most desperately for this technique.

 “Mushin” or empty-minded state in Martial Art (1)

Q: ‘Sen’ no ‘Sen’?
A: to apply technique before being attacked by sensing his consciousness

 “Mushin” or empty-minded state in Martial Art (2)

When a person is in the state of empty mind, he has a feeling of identification with other party.
So he can sense the movement of consciousness of other party and make preemptive attack.

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