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Dec 11, 2012

[Mr. Naoto Amaki] There Can Be No Denuclearization Without Departure from Subordination to U.S.

This is really a piercing comment.  I agree with him.  Ichiro Ozawa uses denuclearization as policy platform simply because he can come to power.  Reality is so pathetic that I want to be thinking that Mr. Taro Yamamoto is the only person who seriously tries to stop operating nuclear power plants.  However, unless we grab an administration away from the LDP/New Komeito/JPD and Ishin no Kai, they will revive nuclear power policy and, additionally, they will bring about a war.

Masatoshi Takeshita
December 4, 2012

Naoto Amaki - a former Japanese diplomat

English translation of an excerpt from a Japanese article: Blog of Amaki Naoto – December 4, 2012 –
There Can Be No Denuclearization Without Departure from Subordination to U.S.

The main subject of the coming general election is denuclearization.

It seems to me that no political party seriously tries to realize it.

Rather, no political party voicing an objection to denuclearization seems to realize how difficult it is to realize it.

Real difficulty of denuclearization does not arise in finding new energy source or showing operation schedule.

Once political decision on denuclearization is made, such thing is possible by gathering wisdom from all fields and addressing it with desperation.

What matters is to make political decision on denuclearization.

And such decision cannot be made unless we become independent from subordination to U.S.

The Mainichi Shimbun, dated December 4, has run an important article titled “Denuclearization: Seriousness Questioned.”

I have paid attention to the following part in the article.

“…  The Noda administration set back its “denuclearization” policy because of strong backlash from the municipalities where nuclear power plants are built and the business community which is concerned about hollowing out of industry due to electric bill hike as well as our ally U.S.  ……”

Political decision on denuclearization leads to political decision on Okinawa issue which is symbolized by refusal of deployment of the Osprey.

Why will it take forever to solve the Okinawa issue?

That’s because successive administrations have tried to yield to demands from U.S. while compelling Okinawa residents to accept them.

That’s because there was no leader who had will and resolution to tell to the U.S. government a long-cherished wish of Okinawa residents as the Japanese and to realize it.

Denuclearization and Osprey deployment are two side of the same coin.

Suffering of Okinawa is the same as that of Fukushima.

The Japanese government has prioritized the intention of the U.S. government, turning a deaf ear to outcry of the people.

I defy such Japanese politics and want to realize politics in which top priority is given on living and life of the Japanese.

I want politics which puts an end to the domination of this country by bureaucrats, cat’s paw of the U.S.

I have supported Ichiro Ozawa who will, I expect, realize it.

While thinking it is difficult even for him, I have supported him, hoping that he is the only politician that can realize it.

It was his turn when he was found not guilty.  However, he brought out Governor Kada to the forefront.  At that time I felt dubious of it.

When I saw a final lineup of expected candidates recruited by the Japan Tomorrow Party led by Governor Kada, I felt deeply disappointed.

This lineup of candidates will not make it possible to get independent from U.S. and fight against bureaucrats who are subservient to U.S.

Even if all candidates get elected, they are good for nothing.

The administration after the general election, whatever combination it may be, will be a coalition government consisting of political parties that finely agree with one another on the point of enhancement of the Japan-U.S. alliance.

There can be no real denuclearization.

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