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Dec 14, 2012

[Chunichi Shimbun] There Has Been No Such Terrifying Election

Information from Mr. Masatoshi Takeshita posted on his blog – December 9, 2012 –

English translation of an excerpt from a Japanese article: Monju Bosatsu – December 9, 2012 –
Source: Chunichi Shimbun ( via Ashura Bulletin Board December 8, 2012 )

There Has Been No Such Terrifying Election  

There is something I am worried about.  It is the results of a poll opinion conducted by our newspaper the other day, ahead of the House of Representatives election.  Let’s take for example the results on the LDP which reportedly stays ahead in the race.

Slightly 30 percent of the respondents who said they would vote for LDP in the proportional-representation constituency answered in the negative a question on revision of “the Article 9 of the Constitution” and almost half of the respondents call for the oncoming of “abolition of nuclear power generation.”

Needless to say, the LDP has declared for revision of Article 9.  The party’s stance is to maintain the use of nuclear power.

Of course, this is also the case with other parties.  The pros and cons of respondents contradict the parties they are determined to vote for.

There are two conceivable reasons for such “contradiction.”  One is the possibility that a party of preference has a campaign promise other than those on Article 9 and nuclear power generation, which is a definitive factor for the party to be chosen.  And the other is the attitude of respondents, who decide to choose a party “without any reason,” not trying to understand the party’s argument well.  The former is acceptable, but the other is too dangerous.

Japan learned the lesson at great cost in the last World War that of course, we should not have a war again and also keep away from any war as much as possible.  Japan after the war was built based on this lesson.  It is an incredibly important decision to change the Article 9, which is a foundation of the country.

Furthermore, the nuclear accident has deprived an enormous number of people of their home towns and has made part of our precious homeland practically uninhabitable due to radiation contamination.  The accident bitterly remind us of a Persian proverb: “Don’t open the door which cannot be closed later.”

The first House of Representatives election campaign after the great earthquake has started.  Therefore, the question to be asked in the election is whether we are the people who can learn from our failure and tragedy or not.

“Without any reason” is a big no-no.  Voting results will decide the future of this country and what the country should be for children to survive.

(Yoshiyuki Shimada, City News Editor, Chunichi Shimbun)

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