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Nov 26, 2012

[Tokyo Shimbun] Mr. Shizuka Kamei to Form New Party! Anti-TPP/Freeze of Consumption Tax Hike/Denuclearization as Main Policies Adopted

Public opinion is against nuclear power generation, consumption tax hike and TPP.
Mr. Shizuka Kamei is a real politician.  Poppo,* what are you going to do with nuclear power plants?  Money would be worthless unless you use it properly.

Masatoshi Takeshita

*Poppo – The name of Mr. Hatoyama, former prime minister, consists of two Chinese characters – hato (dove) and yama (mountain).  “Poppo” is a childish way of expressing “dove.”

English translation of a Japanese article: Monju Bosatsu – November 19, 2012 –

Mr. Shizuka Kamei to Form New Party (abbreviation “Anti-TPP”) with Former Agriculture Minister Yamada – Freeze of Consumption Tax Hike and Denuclearization as Major Policies Adopted

from Tokyo Shimbun (TOKYO WEB)

Shizuka Kamei, former House of Representatives member

Shizuka Kamei, former House of Representatives member (76) has decided to form a new party for the upcoming House of Representatives election.  Agriculture Minister Masahiko Yamada, a DPJ member, will submit written notice of intent to quit the party and join a new party.  Mr. Kamei and others will officially announce it at a press conference in Tokyo on the same evening.  The party platform is opposition to the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP), abbreviated “Anti-TPP.”  Its major policies include freeze of consumption tax hike and denuclearization.

According to informed sources, it is scheduled that Mr. Yamada will take up a post as representative and Mr. Kamei as secretary-general.  The party will keep a distance from Japan Restration Party and Your Party, which advocate TPP negotiations.

In an interview with Kyodo, Mr. Kamei has demonstrated his recognition that he has acquired five Diet members, which is the “requirement for forming a political party,” in order to fight in the election campaign under the same conditions as existing political parties.


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