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Nov 27, 2012

[The Voice of Russia] Request to Russian Investigation Committee for Verification of Existence of God

The red part in the article has raised a penetrating question about religion.
Regardless of existence of God, validity of religious activities seems to be rather questionable.
The right answer about this issue can be got only by asking a right question.
First of all, how is God defined?
Eternity, immorality, independence, self-existence, infinity, omnipresence – if supernatural existence with such attributes is defined as God, God apparently exists.  Nature and space we call is applicable to this.
Thinking sensibly, nature seems to be part of God.  This way of thinking indicates that Christianity is wrong.

Masatoshi Takeshita
November 20, 2012

English translation of a Japanese version of The Voice of Russia – November 18, 2012 –

Request to Russian Investigation Committee for Verification of Existence of God

Photo: SXC.hu

Mr. Vasily Melnichenko, a photographer from Omsk, asked Chairman of Russian Investigation Committee Alexander Bastrykin to “examine if God really exists.”
Mr. Melnichenko has been baptized for 24 years and regularly attended church services, following the code of conduct.  However, he has never received any grace of God and on the contrary, he has encountered many mishaps.  He complains of this.

Mr. Melnichenko insists that the problem of religious activities of Russian Orthodox Church should be solved.  He asks the Committee to punish the Church for possible fraud if the existence of God is not verified and to investigate the validity of religious activities of the Orthodox Church as a spokesman of God if the existence of God is verified.

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