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Nov 7, 2012

[Nikkan Gendai] Old Ally Shizuka Kamei Gets Furious: “Shintaro Ishihara Is Wrong”

I feel good to learn that Mr. Kamei has broken away from Shintaro Ishihara.  The mass media in Japan have played up only completely crazy men such as Ishihara and Hashimoto and I wonder if they have a sense of shame.  Ishihara should feel ashamed of himself if he is a normal person.  Sadly, it is only abnormal and irresponsible people like Ishihara that are successful in life.

Masatoshi Takeshita

English translation of a Japanese article: “Hibi Tantan” Document Blog (Source: Nikkan Gendai) – October 27, 2012 –

Old Ally Shizuka Kamei Gets Furious: “Shintaro Ishihara Is Wrong”

Organization of a new party just for parental egoism

Tokyo governor Ishihara has suddenly abandoned his job even during his term of office.  In a regular interview on 26th, he was too self-centered to care about criticism against him.  He spent much of time talking about topics related to a new party and unilaterally stopped interview in twenty minutes, saying “I have an appointment.”  He went to a screening of a movie.  Although still incumbent governor of Tokyo, he has no sense of responsibility.  He is really an irresponsible old man.

What fiddle-faddle it is that such a man is going to form a new party!  He was given the brushoff even by Shizuka Kamei, former representative of the People’s New Party, who must have been his “old ally.”

“Probably, deep in his heart, Mr. Ishihara actually has no confidence.  He visited Kamei to say “Help me.”  But Kamei flatly refused his request.”  (Politically informed source)

On the night of the day when he declared to form a new party, Ishihara visited Kamei.  Reportedly, Kamei talked to him in this way.

“When I made a proposal to you that we work together for the good of the people and for the good of the nation, you turned it down.  How dare you say that!  What you are going to do is not for the good of the people.  It’s self-interest.  Politicians sacrifice themselves for the people.  You are wrong.  I won’t join you.

What Kamei says is completely right.  At first rate, Kamei and Hiranuma, representative of the Sunrise Party of Japan suggested an idea of “Ishihara New Party” and called on Ishihara to join them.  However, Ishihara showed them an indecisive attitude and expressed “complete revocation” in April this year.
“The root cause is his ambition to make his eldest son Nobuteru a prime minister.  On the other hand, a plan to launch a new party includes his intention to get his third son Hirotaka elected.  Although he proudly says that he does for the good of Japan, he has no political philosophy.  He plays cards right with parental egotism alone.  (Above-mentioned source)

Being like that, he was given up on by Kamei.  Mr. Tetsuo Suzuki, a political journalist, says:

Mr. Kamei has kept an idea of forming a “national salvation Cabinet” in his mind since the last days of the Kan administration.  The idea led to formation of “Ishihara new party.”  Mr. Kamei envisions political realignment and has a strong belief that he should not have the LDP be back in power.  He thinks that to this end he should reconcile differences and form a coalition.  This idea is incompatible with the “conservatism purifying policy” Mr. Ishihara and Mr. Hiranuma aim at.  His policy is rather similar to “the Olive Tree” (political coalition) Mr. Ozawa aims at.  Mr. Kamei seems to think that he will bring on the front lines of election private citizens, under whom politicians get together to play a role as cornerstone of the third influential party.

Kamei was right about having broken away from selfish Ishihara. 

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