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Nov 6, 2012

[Mr. Naoto Amaki] Asahi Never Minds Writing a False Article about “Calling off Island Recapture Plan”

Information from Mr. Masatoshi Takeshita posted on his blog – October 28, 2012 –

English translation of an excerpt from a Japanese article: Blog of Amaki Naoto – October 28, 2012 –

Asahi Never Minds Writing a False Article about “Calling off Island Recapture Plan”

The Sankei and Mainichi newspapers reported for the first time on October 24 that the Japanese and the U.S. governments have abandoned a joint drill to recapture an uninhabited remote island in Okinawa Prefecture.

The newspapers gave it a reason that the two countries gave consideration to the backlash of Okinawa residents, which was triggered by the rape case.  However, I wrote in my web magazine No. 798 on October 24 that they lied.

I wrote that the real reason was because the U.S. avoided provoking China and Japan just followed suit.

Three days later, on October 27, the Yomiuri Shimbun admitted that.

The newspaper wrote an article that the two countries cancelled the plan with due consideration to China as well as the backlash in Okinawa.

However, the Asahi Shimbun, the last newspaper that covered the cancellation of the plan, has written an article on October 28 as follows:

“….(the reason of cancellation) is because an uninhabited island in Okinawas Prefecture scheduled to be used for a drill was not able to be used due to opposition from the local area and also it was difficult to find an alternative site.  …….. There were arguments against the cancellation in both (Japan and U.S.) governments that as China has taken a tough stance over the Senkaku issue, cancellation of the drill is likely to give a wrong message to China.  However, with increased backlash in Okinawa due to the deployment of Ospreys and the rape of a woman by U.S. servicemen, they decided that it’s difficult to carry out a planned drill…….”

I wonder what has made Asahi intentionally lie so much.

I don’t say that there was no backlash from Okinawa residents.

However, it is apparent that the biggest reason for cancellation of a drill was because they gave consideration to the backlash from China.

Actually, the Yomiuri wrote an article on October 27 as follows:

“…. In the Japanese and U.S. governments some insisted that “recapture drill to be conducted in Okinawa near the Senkaku Islands might provoke China.  They decided to just conduct a simulation exercise.  In this context, a website controlled by the Chinese government posted an article on 21st ‘When U.S. Deputy Secretary of State Williams Burns visited China (in the middle of October), Beijin told him that it would take a strict stance on it.  Washington finally cancelled the drill after giving a second thought.’….”

In a word, the U.S. stopped conducting a drill as a result of making concessions to China.

The article of Asashi on October 28 never mentioned that the U.S. had given consideration to China.

This is an intentional lie.

And yet, politely, they tell another lie.

The article of Asahi reads as if to say that the Japanese leaders decided about cancelling a drill after they racked their brains.

“….. On 26th Prime Minister Yoshihiko Noda, Defense Minister Satoshi Morimoto and Minister of Foreign Affairs Koichiro Genba consulted in the prime minister’s official residence and decided to cancel the drill…..”

This can be a joke.

The U.S. decided to cancel the drill.

Whether cancellation or decisive action it may be, Japan has no choice but to obey to the decision by the U.S.

The trilateral talk in the official residence on 26th was a mere meeting where a trio of Noda, Morimoto and Genba obedient to Washington shared a sense of relief after hearing about its decision of cancellation.

Readers who read the Asahi Shimbun alone will have serious misconceptions.

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