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Nov 16, 2012

[Mr. Masatoshi Takeshita] Warning From Space Alien: Message on Crisis of Superflare from Yamanoue-no-okura-sama)

After reading my comment on the article posted on Shanthi Phula blog yesterday, Mrs. Seiko Nakanishi focused her conscious on space alien, she got a message from being in the 10th System.  I’d like to introduce it to you.


“We have been waiting for you to contact us.  We have carried out incessant surveillance on the earth, worrying about its future.  It is expected that solar superflare will attack the earth in the near future.  Suplerflare occurrence is surely approaching.  Global-scale catastrophe is predicted.

Yes, nuclear meltdown at nuclear power plants, particularly, is very dangerous.  It will be too late unless you immediately stop operation of all nuclear plants.  We have often given warnings.  A few people have awakened and started taking some action.

Please immediately convey this dangerous situation to all people by all means.
Please convey this message to Mr.Takeshita.        (Yamanoue no Okura)”

I got a message from Yamanoue no Okua-sama, a well-known poet of Man-yo-shu (the oldest anthology of Japanese poetry), a few years ago.  I was very surprised to know that he is now a space alien (deity?).

[about Yamanoue no Okura (was a Japanese poet)]

The noteworthy thing about the correspondence from Mrs. Seiko Nakanishi is that she definitely cannot know Yamanoue no Okura-sama, a poet of Man-yo-shu in the past, is now being of the 10th System and yet not deity but human person.  I was not sure about the existence of human person in the system upper than the Sterope Sytem.  But now this message has made me know it is.  After checking it out based on this information, I have confirmed that Yamanoue no Okura-sama now dwells in the 10th System and is a human being.  He seems to descend on the earth.  This proves that Mrs. Nakanishi’s information is very accurate and completely different from her self-delusion created by her assumptions or subconscious.

Considering all articles I have introduced on Shanthi-Phula blog, we’d be in big trouble unless we take this warning seriously, immediately stop operation of nuclear power plants and take measures to secure power supply to the cooling system at nuclear power plants.

November 5, 2012  Masatoshi Takeshita

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