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Nov 20, 2012

[Mr. Masatoshi Takeshita] Message from UFO Which Crashed into Volcano (Warning on Nuclear Power Plants: To People Who Cannot Deal with Crisis)

When Mrs. Seiko Nakanishi read the article <Stunning UFO Image> posted on Shanti Phula blog today and concentrated her conscious on the crew of the UFO, she has got a message.  I’d like to introduce it as follows:


“UFO crash is a warning to mankind.  This is a dangerous age.  We have tried to attract your attention to UFOs by our direct demonstration.  We want you mankind to listen to warnings from UFOs more seriously.  Please stop operating nuclear power plants all over the world!  Immediately!  Immediately!
Please extensively publicize the dangerousness of nuclear power plants.  Do it immediately!”

The sender of this message is Takaki-sora-no-mikoto-sama.
The crew consists of 13 deities in the 9th System.  I was surprised to learn that they have such an advanced science technology that left the UFO body intact.

However, I doubted whether UFO crash into the volcano might have induced volcanic eruption and how much damage it would inflict on the earth.

There was a reply: “But mankind faces far more dangerous situation.”

I understand that UFOs have repeatedly appeared to draw the attention of mankind as widely as possible.


As mentioned in the message, the crew is deities in the 9th System and Takaki-sora-no-mikoto-sama is the 1st Lord of the 2nd level of terrestrial deities.

Some military personnel and politicians should have access to important information on UFOs.  Crisis of mankind is approaching.  Even now I wonder if all people are so helpless that they can’t take any action with obligation of confidentiality or with a fear of punishment.  As for information I have provided, some people are at a loss about what to do; they cannot convey information about deities and spiritual world to the people around them though they can let them know information about childrearing and human relationships.  People in this world cannot cope with any crisis properly because they always care about the public, worrying about how they are being perceived.  Many people had behaved in the same manner after 3.11 last year; residents of the afflicted areas were evacuated as the government and local governments commanded them, worrying about what others thought of.  If you evacuate your homes, worrying about what other people think of, you are not going to make it.  Even now some people won’t say what they are supposed to say or won’t take action when they are supposed to act.  Such people don’t know that such attitude will create a crisis situation.  I feel how incorrigible they are.

November 6, 2012  Masatoshi Takeshita

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